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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A very pleasant surprise

Dear Friends and Family,

We had a wonderful surprise this week which caused me to reflect on my often muddled mind. Peter and Katherine had called a few weeks ago to ask if they could come visit during their spring break. I wrote down that they were coming in April but they meant March. So Monday we get a call confirming we were still OK for them to come on Tuesday. So we were all thrilled as I banged my forehead for my absent minded thinking. Robyn and I quickly swished out the toilets and everyone was excited to see them. This week was a busy one for our family so I feel a bit badly that we weren't able to do more things with them but just hanging out and being in the same house was so nice. Nothing like family to put a smile on your face. Robyn especially wants her uncle and aunt back as they play princess with her and give her love. When they left Saturday Robyn was very sad.

Thank you to all who encouraged Allison's self esteem this week. Mom, she read your email right before putting her shoes on to go to school. Don't know what you said but it stopped the tears. She went to school hiding her face but her teacher and friends made a big deal about how cute she looked and she came home happy. Periodically it pops up again with tears and crying about how she looks so weird with glasses and how no one else has to wear them. Since it will be a life long thing I hope she gets used to it soon! My sympathy is starting to dry up! Allison had her dress rehearsals this week on Monday and Tuesday and then performances for an assembly at school Wednesday and then Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday night. So she has been working extremely hard and has been high on excitement all week. Tuesday she had play practice and then Jeremy took her to her class party at the roller skating rink. Jeremy with infinite patience walked laps around the rink holding her hand surrounded by disco balls and little girls screeching.

The play was awesome. They really did a good job. I was able to go Wednesday night with Robyn and Taylor. They really did a professional job and the acting considering the oldest was 14 was really good. Allison asked Jeremy (without us ever prompting her or mentioning it) to give her a father's blessing Wednesday morning so she wouldn't be so nervous. She did a great job. She wanted to do her stage make-up by herself so she had VERY bright cheeks but had a smile on her face. Thursday I was the munchkin sitter with the 20 little kids in the green room waiting their turn before their part and then waiting for the curtain call. Loud, chaotic and fun and made me glad to go home at the end of the night. Friday Jason's family came over along with Lauri, Jeremy and Spencer and Peter and Katherine and they all went to the play. We met for pizza before the play. I had another not so nice surprise when in my hurry to go get flowers for Jeremy to give to Allison after the play while everyone was eating I backed into Jason and Kelly's SUV. I just kept banging my head as I saw my broken tail light and the dent in their fender. I swear I don't think my mind is what it used to be! Bryn, Robyn, Taylor and I comforted my bruised ego with running around, splashing in baths and eating brownies at home. For the last play on Saturday Jeremy went and took lots of pictures.

It feels lately that there is more going on than my brain is handling well. I am sure the play has just been the kicker lately but it makes me really contemplate what can be cut out of our lives. I do believe in having active, involved kids but it makes for some busy times. And then there are all the things that seem to pop up - this week Spencer breaking his retainer (AGAIN!) and having to go into the dentist, Allison's class play, a funeral in our ward needing a jello salad and a piano player. Makes me appreciate the down times more I guess.

This week the weather cannot make up its mind. One day its t-shirts and pulling weeds and the next its coats with snow on the ground. Robyn cannot understand why one day she can wear shorts and the next she isn't allowed. Robyn remains a cute whirling dirvish. On Monday for FHE we set up her big girl bed. She and I had spent the day getting sheets (I decided I am a little too anal when it took me 3 trips to Target to find the color sheets I liked), and a mattress. She loves her big girl bed and is doing good about staying in it. She is in underwear full time now and between her and Taylor having digestive issues today I feel like my grossness limits have been vastly surpassed. Glad for the sanitary cycle on our washing machine.

Spencer has had a calm week. He had karate and scouts - tested for a new belt about which he was excited. He has his explosions which we are working on. But he has had most afternoons free to do his homework and jobs and then just play.

Taylor had a busy week. On Tuesday I met with his new school and then met with his old school as we got all the paperwork, talking with new and old therapists etc done. I didn't realize how much busy work would be necessary to switch schools. He started at his new school Dan Peterson on Wednesday. I had to drive the first two days but now he is on the bus. He now starts school later at 9:15 instead of 8 and then gets out at 3:30 instead of 2:30. So mornings are a little different now that he isn't being picked up by 7:20. Need to figure out a new schedule as right now I am enjoying way too much lazying around getting one kid ready at a time and then the morning is mostly gone with me still in sweats. Meredith took Taylor to see Allison's play Saturday and we learned that she is coming 3 more times before she is gone. Panic started to set in! Guess I have to face the fact that I need to find someone new instead of burying my face in the sand.

Jeremy had his first EQ meeting this week and is getting everything squared away. This week for both of us can be summed up in kid activities, Allison's play and trying to spend any free time with Peter and Katherine. We were able to go out to lunch on Thursday with them at Tucanos and reminince about past meat gorging episodes. Life is good.

love, Heather