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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some Beach, Somewhere...

Dear Friends and Family,

Coming back from a vacation without kids is always a bit of an adjustment. You are happy to see your kids but the noise and chaos of your life sort of slaps you in the face. There is a country song that talks about this guy facing life's everyday irritations with the daydream of some beach, somewhere. I have been having flashbacks all week long to the beaches of Hawaii!

The red-eye plus the three hour time difference sent me for a loop so last Sunday I came home and crawled right into bed for a nap while Jeremy pulled on his superhuman strengths to shower and go to church to meet up with kids. Meredith and the kids had cleaned the house and the kids had such a great time with her. They went to the cub scout blue and gold dinner and to her friend's wedding reception and 2 dance concerts (she is a brave woman, tackling those by herself!!). They had a chocolate fondue party at the end to celebrate saying please and thank you all week long. One downside was that Spencer on the way to timeout managed to kick a small hole in the wall by our front door. So hoping to tackle that repair project this week!

Allison's tooth did not fall out while we were gone. She realized it hurt to wiggle it so she isn't working so hard on it anymore. She seems to be having play practice almost every day for 2 hours so she is staying busy. She loves being a part of the play but the jobs, piano and homework seems to send her over the edge. Good thing the play is in three more weeks! She brought home a notice that she failed the school eye exam and we realized she was unable to see very far away. So this next Tuesday she and Jeremy are going in to get fitted for glasses. Allison is not very excited about having to wear glasses. We keep finding her up reading by the light of her night light - sure that doesn't help the eyes.

Spencer's retainer broke this week so had to make an emergency trip to the dentist to get it pulled out and sent in for repairs. They recognize Spencer now, which is sad. On the plus side this last retainer lasted 4 months! He likes to wiggle it with his tongue in his sleep or something. We spent Friday morning meeting with Spencer's psychiatrist. He saw Spencer at the hospital when he was 8. Helps me keep some perspective when I realize how bad things once were. Adding an afternoon dose has helped keep Spencer from having the afternoon be the worst time of the day but he is still having a lot of high highs and low lows. So they increased one of his meds by quite a lot and we're seeing this weekend if he can handle it without it making him sleepy and if it works to stabilize his moods more. Spencer was excited that he grew 3/4 an inch in the last 3 months and is now into triple digits at 100 pounds. He has been deep into books this week, finishing up a Levin Thumpe book, and the Black Cauldron series and is now into the High King series.

I have been talking with Taylor's teacher, therapists and the district this week to work out Taylor's transfer to the new school. Tuesday I go to take a tour of the school and discuss the options. Its a slow process but am hoping he will move over soon. Although we get snow at night sometimes the afternoons have been sunny and semi-warm which has Taylor chirping and looking around.

Tuesday was my day of dental torture. 5 fillings (no root canal - my prayers must have paid off) and some gum work (pulling back the gums and scraping the roots clean and then injecting antibiotics) - ouch!! My mouth has been very painful since. You think that would be a great diet aide but all the healthy stuff like fruit and salads are hard to eat - junk food just slides right down. The dentist comented that my teeth were like swiss cheese and asked if people in my family had to have dentures early on. You do not bring up dentures to a 35 year old! Its been keeping me flossing and brushing and swishing despite the pain.

Thursday was my big late Christmas present. I almost hated to write about it because of our trip to Hawaii this just seems like superflous blessings right now. Trust me I really do appreciate all we have. But for Christmas Jeremy gave me money to go buy a bedroom set. So I have been shopping ever since and bought a set on President's day sale. Wednesday we cleaned out the piles of office stuff that has yet to be sorted that has been filling up our bedroom. Thursday the furniture was delivered and now I just love to walk in our bedroom. Its all clean and looks beautiful! We shifted the bed to the other side of our room which is taking me a little bit to get used to when I fall asleep for some reason. Robyn is now asking when her big bed comes.

Saturday was a big family day. It was Garion's baptism. So we brought over our old kiddie quad for his birthday present and Lauri and spent the day celebrating at Jason and Kelly's. Kelly arranged for Lauri to have her hair done Saturday and every 2 weeks from now on so Lauri looked quite nice. It seemed like we barely got home when Meredith came over and we headed up to the temple and to later meet Jason and Kelly and her mom for dinner at Olive Garden. A very full, fun family sort of day.

Today Jeremy and I met with the Stake President. Always fills you with trepidation! So Jeremy got a new calling, sort of out of left field. Its one of THOSE callings that has thoughts of all your free time disappearing. He is feeling a little over whelmed because he knows what he needs to do but he will be great. Dan, you know what he is thinking about - hint, hint. Won't be called officially for a week or two.

Jeremy has been working hard to get everything ready for the photo camp this Saturday. It is turning into a huge event. He takes Rocky for a walk most days often with Allison skipping next to him happy to have some daddy alone time. He has been working hard on Rocky walking well off leash and it really shows. I have been trying to fit all the shopping, laundry and errands that seem to pile up when you're gone. Still need to tackle taxes. I brought back a little too much Hawaii spirit with me and have been feeling happy to just let things slide, and move in slow motion. Love to you all and pictures are coming as soon as Jeremy finishes processing them. Here are 2 video - one cheesy one we did for my parents and one of me snorkling.

Love, Heather

PS. Peter - I have a new author you would like. Robert Crais had 8 books - LA Requim is my favorite so far. Sort of like the Spencer for hire books we read but with a more modern twist.

Our clean and beautiful new bedroom!


The Skeehan Family said...

Just look at that beautiful bedroom! The furniture is just lovely. Our little bedroom is my haven - if the rest of the house is a disaster but our room is ok, it makes things better!!

And coming back from such a perfect vacation is so hard, especially when combined with a trip to see the stake president. OYE! Our sympathies are with you Jeremy!!!

Meredith said...

My favorite was Robyn's situp... made my day! And love everything else.