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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Dear Family and Friends,
Kids are all nestled all snug in their beds (noisily but they are there!) Jeremy is in a zone by himself checking out his new camera and for me its time for a piece of fudge and blogging time!

Jeremy turned 37 on Tuesday. He celebrated by going out to lunch with his coworkers to his traditional Chinese buffet and sharing carrot cake with everyone. Then back home to eat navajo tacos and a carrot cake cheesecake courtesy of David and Griselda (thank-you, thank-you). Then after driving Spencer to karate we enjoyed just sitting on a couch together watching a TV show - that just doesn't happen often enough. With all his birthday money plus all the jobs he has been taking the last few months Jeremy finally reached his goal to buy a 2nd better camera. All the places had waiting lists but Jeremy found someone locally on ebay who had bought 2 and was selling one and he got it! So this afternoon he went to pick it up and has been in the zone since.

Robyn helped blow out the candle. She is practicing already for January!

On Wednesday night the boys, Jeremy and I met up with Jason, Kelly, and Lauri to go see the production Savior of the World up at the Conference Center. They were so thoughtful and arranged it as Taylor's Christmas present to go see the special needs production of it. To get the wheelchairs in they took us backstage which was pretty cool. The production was very neat and makes you think about the reality of the scriptures and how it was really like. The most touching part for me though was watching all the interpreters especially for those who were deaf and blind. I cannot even imagine living like that. At the end the whole cast signed their last song - its the only night that they do this - and they all had tears in their eyes and were signing thank-you to the audience. Spencer enjoyed it although by the end he was almost asleep and snored all the way home.

Thursday night we had our annual mother/daughter cookie exchange. Allison was up the previous night hacking away and with a fever so she stayed home, napping and helping me make a ton of cookies (I had voluntered to make a bunch of cookies for Spencer's class party as well so it was literally a ton!). By that night her fever was gone and she was feeling better so she got to stay for the party. We had 8 other moms and 15 girls over. The moms visited and ate cookies while the girls decorated sugar cookies and ate tons of sugar and ran wild. Jeremy said the times he poked his head upstairs that the moms were all in their own world while girls were jumping on couches, counters and having a free for all. So we all had a good time!

Our contribution this year. Biscotti dipped in chocolate and then crushed red hots. Really good.

girls busy decorating

We have had a bunch of snow hit us this week. The kind where you shovel in the morning, in the afternoon and by night all your walks are covered up again! Someone prayed really hard for a white Christmas! The worst of the ice in the streets has melted so except for corners I don't slide anymore. Spencer has been trekking around with his sled having a great time.

With colder weather we get more cabin fever. So most nights are kids are out doing jumping jacks or sit-ups. I am just waiting for them to refuse but so far it works great!

On Friday we one of those really cold, windy, icy days with snow blowing everywhere. My sister Christina after a really long journey finally arrived via shuttle - parents didn't want to risk the roads. Our kids were extremely excited to see her and have her here for Christmas. Late Friday night I was hit hard with a stomach bug. Allison was hit early Saturday morning. So our plans of a family ice skating party were put on hold. Allison and I cuddled in bed with a throw-up bucket and Jeremy took over the house. Now we are both feeling much better.

Today my parents came down for the day. It is so nice to visit with them and Christina. I am having to stretch my mind a little bit to come up with some vegetarian meals that everyone will eat but its a fun challenge. This afternoon we attempted to make a gingerbread house. Spencer had a hard time working with others and I resolved that from now on we will do graham cracker houses where each kid makes their own. None of this sharing, working together crap at Christmas - it just doesn't foster Christmas spirit in our house.

Christina doing Robyn's hair. It looked so cute until Robyn decided to try out the static electricity in the pew and rub her head up and down against it. Then it looked disheveled cute!

Allison with the finished gingerbread house.

Got all the Christmas errands and wrapping presents finished up this past week. So I am looking forward to doing a bunch of family activities and stocking up on the patience and sense of humor that I'll need.

Love to you all, Heather