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Monday, December 22, 2008

California Drivers

Ok, I know this is cruel, but I had to do it. Heather had a "sister" morning out with Christina, taking her for a massage and lunch. While trying to park for lunch Heather jumped a curb hidden by snow and ended up stuck. Of course she calls her heroic husband who drops everything work to swoop in for the rescue. First things first though, he has to subject her to a little forced humility by breaking out the camera to document the event.

And here it is, posted online mere minutes later for your enjoyment. Ah, the wonders of digital photography.


Skeeutopia said...

Griselda and I are both deeply offended to think that we would be classified in the "California Drivers" category along with these two aleged California Drivers. In fact, Heather has been driving in Utah much longer than she ever did in California so what you are seeing is mostly Utah driving at its finest. And at least it was only a curb and not a pylon in a parking garage or a car in an intersection.....both of which Heather has already met up with.....within a weeks time of each other.....

Her loving brother Dave

Jeremy Hall said...

I couldn't help the jab at California, and fully expected some rebuttal. True Heather has had plenty of time in Utah, but those driving habits of Cali are difficult to shed ;)

Truth be told, the curb was completely hidden in the snow. But further truth be told, it's just too fun poking fun.