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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Motorcycles & Photos

Hey there again, time for a periodic update from Jeremy; which of course basically means a few thoughts and some photos. This month I am participating in an online "photo challenge" which is basically a themed daily shoot to try and get you out taking more photos and working on your craft. This month is "portraits" with a different style each week. Of course this means I will be taking lots of shots of family members when I can't or haven't drummed up someone else to be my model. Robyn was all to happy to roll around in the grass for me on the first day. Keep an eye on my flickr photo stream if for updates. You can seem thumbnails of my latest submissions on the side of this blog. Mimi, are you going to participate? It's ok if you miss some days, just jump in!

Heather already mentioned I picked up a motorcycle. Yes, it gets better gas mileage, but I won't begin to say that was the real reason to get one. I enjoy riding them and have been looking around for a few months for a good deal on the kind and size of bike I wanted.

It is a 2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 in great shape with quite a few customizations by a previous owner. I had been shopping for some time through online classifieds, but most bikes have been very overpriced due to summer and gas price inflated demand. Prices are starting to drop some with the end of season coming up, and this was a good deal and what I wanted. I have been driving around and practicing a bit with slow, tight turns in the parking lot to shake off the rust on my driving skills. Yes, I wear my helmet always and drive expecting that no one on the road sees me. I'll try hard to stay out of a wreck!

I have all the photos assembled and ready to burn and mail to everyone. I ended up not making a full composite family photo as there were so many different favorites for each family. We all favor the ones that we look better in of course :) What I am going to do is send out the discs with *all* the photos and let everyone send me the photos file names they would like combined with instructions, i.e. use my face from this file and put it on the group photo from this file. I can then email a custom group shot(s) to each family as needed. Sound good? Discs should be in the mail this week.

That's all from me for now. Love you all.

Edit: Peter asked for more motorcycle pics showing the bike from the side, so here are some extras. Click 'em for a big view.


Skeeutopia said...

OK, seriously, I can't believe you have a road bike. You are not my husband, so it is not my place to worry; BUT, I will NEVER let that happen on our end. SCARES ME TO DEATH. I have a heart attack over Dave riding his bicycle places. I'm not sure which could be worse, I suppose. Heather, YOU'RE CRAZY!!!!!

But aside from all of that, good for you for having the guts to do it (I really am excited for you!). I know that they are LOTS of fun - it's the danger factor that eliminates any true enjoyment for me.

I know. I'm the buzzkill.

The Skeehan Family said...

Duuuuuuuuuude, sweeeeeeeeeeeeet ride. Well, at least in pictorials, I have to totally jump on the griselda bandwagon! Dan will NEVER have a motorcycle... you better wear like full complete protective gear mr!!!