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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The cold that never dies

Dear Friends and Family,

Jeremy is still hacking away with his cold. To add insult injury it has caused cankersores to form all over his tongue. Not the best time for him. We are all hoping he is back to his cough free, able to sleep through the night self soon. The worst part was a problem he struggled with for most of the week. Griselda and Mimi don't panic till you read the whole story. Jeremy was loading up this drive with all the stuff he has been working on to back everything up including all of our Pismo pictures. The drive became corrupted and all the work was gone. He worked numerous recovery programs to get the work back and nothing worked (all the programs seemed to take hours to do). After a couple of days he managed to get the pictures back but not much else. So not the best week for him although he still manages to smile.

So Monday I spent the morning painting the basement and then the kids with friends in tow and I headed to an indoor pool for the afternoon. Kids had a great time spashing around and since they had friends (Taylor stayed home sleeping with Jeremy) I just had Robyn to float around. Was almost relaxing. It seems lately that my list of things I should do is much longer than the time I have to do them. And my chunks of relaxation or alone time come in small chunks so I am trying to do better at enjoying the peaceful times.

Biggest news for me this week is that I got the carpet for the basement picked out and ordered. It gets installed in 2 weeks. So I am working on finishing up all the paint work. The electrician came and finished up most of the lighting this week as well. Its getting close! I chose a berber carpet with black and brown flecks over a beige background - think it will look good. Robyn thought it was great to jump on all the carpet samples to pick a pad and carpet. Thursday Robyn and I toured assisted living homes with Lauri. Very emotional for her but I think we found a really nice place in Provo called Jamestown. So everyone is going to check it out and hopefully start the process of moving her over. Robyn's favorite part of Jamestown is they had a duck pond where she fed the ducks and then they let us eat lunch there and gave her rootbeer, a toasted cheese sandwich and ice cream. What more could she ask for.

Robyn really likes her gymnastics class and asks every day if its time for her to go. I doubt she learns much there but she likes her time to jump around on all the equipment and have her own teacher. At home she still dances a lot and follows me around trying to "help" do everything. She loves when its Allison's time to come home from school.

Allison started her piano lessons this week. She is enjoying having a list of everything she should work on. Seems like once kids get home at 2:30 I am pretty occupied doing kids. Plus which my mind seems to shut down with kids all asking questions, wanting help with things. I can't think of anything beyond the basics of how to do pre algebra and what to make for dinner. Allison and Spencer had an open gym class at Allison's gym yesterday that they each got to take a friend to. Allison learned how to do a flip on a tramp which she was very excited about. Allison has had nightmares almost every night this week. We're getting quite heartless of telling her to go cry in the bathroom as we don't have to be woken up too - there is no sympathy at midnight - and she is now banned from our room where she likes to whimper in our chair. Her nightmares all revolve around hearing bees or a type of bug in her room. Mom she still breaks out her knitting and looks like an old soul sitting there knitting away.

Spencer continues with his martial arts three times a week and comes home sweaty and happy. He has made friends with the boy Conner next door. Conner is a definite follower so they get along great with Spencer deciding everything they do! Perhaps not the best way to establish a friendship but they are both happy to hang out together most days. Spencer won two free ice cream cones at Sonic because he got 100% two week in a row on spelling. So Friday night Jeremy drove him and Conner over for their treat (Allison tagged along with her own wallet as soon as she heard the word ice cream).

Taylor's seizures seem slightly better and he is getting used to being up at 6:30. Now when I get him most mornings his eyes are already open and he is chirping. Meredith was here last night while we went to stake conference and we were talking about how our kids don't really interact with Taylor. They are great at watching out for him ie Taylor's in the hallway, having a seizure - they push him in his chair etc. But it made me think about how I need to encourage them to talk to him more, hold his hand etc. I know its harder for them because Taylor's positive responses are not always easily seen.

It seems like my days are chock full. Allison wanted to know why they had to have lights out at 8:30 (they go to bed at 8 and then read for 30 min). I pointed out that only gave me 1 hour of kid free time before I went to bed. She couldn't understand why I would want that! I have been enjoying running on the treadmill most mornings and felt pretty good Saturday when I met Kelly and her friend for a small 5k run up at Thanksgiving Point. It was just fun and relaxing and then the end came so soon. Our sprinklers remain broken and yard is slowly dying so I need to put down my paint brush for awhile and make sure to get those fixed. Hopefully tomorrow.

Love to all of you and hope all is well with your families. Love Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

OH my gosh! Poor Jeremy!!! Not only for the sickness but the corrupt drive - that makes me sick, I can only imagine how stressed out he must have been - he mentioned something to that effect when we were im'ing, but I thought he was joking or something - OYE! And I love love love hearing about the kids' adventures.

Tell Allison how cool I think it is that she is doing backflips on the tramp - that's awesome! And that I will be calling her tomorrow to thank her for a certain piece of artwork I just got in the mail today! We love it! It's hanging proudly on the fridge right now. Moved some things off the fridge, in fact, to make room for it :)

Love you guys so much.