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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Susan's Photos

Yes, it has been quite a process scanning over 2,300 slides that Susan had in boxes, but it is finally done. There are plenty of shots that I don't know if anyone necessarily wants, such as scenery and people that were likely her friends, but also plenty of family and other people shots that others may enjoy having.

I am going to make a DVD for anyone that wants the full set, but also if Bill/Lynda perhaps want to pull out the ones that are likely more "wanted" we can also make a smaller collection to pass around. Either way works for me. We'll be bringing the boxes of originals along with the digital versions in April when we come to visit in California.

Here is one from the 60s that I thought everyone would enjoy.


Skeeutopia said...

Killer photo! Hey you said you're headed to CA in April? When? We are too! We will be there from Apr 19 to the beginning of May (Dave only has one week, though). Hope to see you guys!

Jeremy Hall said...

That's too bad on timing. We are there from April 11 to 16. We'll just miss you!