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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spencer's Birthday Photos

Today at Spencer's birthday Heather was busy with her camera right next to me taking some photos. In Heather's polite and kind way, she let me know that I am lacking in the posting of photos even though I take plenty. Alas, she's right.

So though Heather will give the full breakdown of happenings of the week, I thought I would beat her to the punch with some photos from today. Because there are a few, I am posting small thumbnails that you can click through to larger ones.

Spencer, friends, and Allison all had fun at Boondocks Fun Center, and back at home the cake and presents were a big hit.


The Skeehan Family said...

How fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Spencer!!!!! Wish we could have been there, it looks like you had a blast. Allison even called to tell us how fun it was. Wow - you are nine years old - what a big, handsome young man you are becoming! Happy Birthday!