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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy New Year to everyone! Spencer and Allison really wanted to stay up to watch the ball fall in Times Square - not sure why that is a big deal. So we stayed up watching movies (with sick kids this week, it seems like we have watched a LOT of movies). Spencer had the right idea and crashed on the couch at 10 and we woke him up to see the ball drop and then he was back out. Allison on the other hand was just jumping around and pumped up the whole time. Several neighbors had some illegal fireworks we were able to watch out the windows at midnight.

Jeremy generously gave up his football time New Year's Day to hang 2 cabinets up in our laundry room. We need to get a single door cabinet and molding still but it looks great and its nice to have the counter back to fold laundry on. That afternoon we went to an indoor trampoline place and Spencer and Allison each brought a friend. They had fun but we were pushing our luck a little as they both were in the whiny post cold stage. Good excuse to send them to bed early!

Spencer and Allison were over their colds by Wednesday but Taylor came down with it and sounded horrible till Saturday. Since he can't cough very well it just sounded like he was on his deathbed. He has a ricebag that Meredith made him that we heat up and tuck by his feet at night. While he was sick I would tuck him up with a hot rice bag and a fuzzy blanket and he would just curl up for a couple of hours. So Taylor stayed home all week.

Spencer and Allison went back to school on Thursday. It was really a wake up call from vacation as Spencer had piano at 7:30 a.m. He was doing great, swallowing his pills prior to leaving for school when his retainer broke leaving the broken ends sticking out into his mouth. He didn't want to go to school like that and I didn't blame him. The dentist wasn't answering their phone. So we ran to DI to empty out the trunk, loaded up the wheelchair and just drove down to the office. I knew it would take them a minute to pop off the bands. They weren't at their office as it was surgery day but the receptionist reached one of the nurses who said she could run out of surgery to pop them off for Spencer. So we went to the same day surgery at Utah Valley - turned out to be the wrong hospital - so we loaded back up and went to the other hospital. Eventually everyone was at school and I breathed a big sigh of relief.

Been getting the house back in order after vacation and packing up Christmas stuff. Taught today so worked on my lesson. Jeremy has been busy getting our old family letters on to disks. They go back 10 years now online. Its fun to look back at the old pictures and read the entries. There was one letter that showed Peter and Katherine coming out so happy from the temple and the next frame showed Daniel holding a 1 year old Robyn in one hand and a throw up bucket in the other. Good times!

Spencer is starting to have little rage outbursts again but the paranoia is still doing better. Trying to decide if we want to keep changing meds if the rages start to come back or not. We went Monday out to lunch with Jeremy at Carls Jr and afterwards popped in to Lauri's place to see if we could find her dead cat. No sign of the cat anywhere (she got a replacement yesterday) but Spencer did find an old chess set. So we have been playing chess a lot and learning all the rules.

Robyn has a new addiction - peeling the wrapper off of crayons. We keep finding her hiding away with a big pile of shredded crayons next to her. Don't know why she find this so fascinating. She is working on a tooth and goes through VERY clingy times. I am hoping it will break through the gum soon. Right now she thinks she doesn't need a nap so she cries a lot when we put her down - thank goodness she is still in a crib so she is trapped! After a while she realizes how tired she is. Just last week though she would happily lay down and be tucked in with a kiss - it was so nice.

Allison is starting swimming lessons this week with a friend. A lady teaches them in her indoor pool up by the temple. She campaigned for and got us to go see the Bee movie at the dollar theater yesterday. That is the way to see movies with kids! Robyn got her own soda and was in heaven while Spencer and Allison ate a huge tub of popcorn for lunch.

Big snowstorm today but looks like its calming down. Must be time to shovel!

Love to all,



Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Hall said...

I remember when Dad brought that chess set home. I loved playing with it, with the dragon carvings, even if he always tromped me.