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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Family Visits

Dear Family and Friends,

We were really lucky to have family visit us this week. On Thursday Grieselda and Kaelan and baby J were able to come for the day. We were able to watch J for a few hours while Kaelan went skiing with his mom. Robyn was in heaven to have a baby of her own. When Kaelan came back the two of them butted heads a little bit as Kaelan was very protective of "his baby JJ" and Robyn was very anxious to keep him to herself. It was great to be able to see all of them and catch up. None of us had met baby J before.

On Friday Daniel came to visit and spend the night. We were all really sad that Mimi and Claire couldn't be with us but we understand and sympathize on how sick kids can throw a wrench into the best laid plans. We had Meredith stay with Robyn and Taylor and we all went out to dinner at Tapanyaki - one of those Japanese steak houses where they cook in front of you. It is our kids' favorite place to eat and we all had a good time. Then we all stayed up watching Game Plan and laughing at little kid humor.

On Saturday Jeremy went to a photo class on photographing people done by a famous photographer for the day. With him gone we just hung out and had Garion, Kayla, and Brynn over for part of the day while Kelly had her hair done. Kids had a great time playing with cousins and later friends. I enjoyed not having any obligations and just puttering around.

All our family visits were truly the highlight of the week. Monday there was no school as well as a huge snowstorm. We inched the van down the street for Robyn's two year old check-up. She is healthy as a horse (I should say was as she seems to be coming down with a cold today). She is 26% weight and 80% height. She really talks now and often hands me the phone saying "call angie, hello, Mia play with me". So her friend Mia comes over quite often to play - not that they play together, I think Robyn just likes having her around.

We took Lauri shopping for cat supplies. Her new cat "macho man" has become an escape artist. So she bought a leash and collar to hopefully help restrain him as he tries to get outside.

Allison is doing really good on her swimming lessons. At the end of class this week she jumped into the water only to have her swimsuit rip from throat to navel. She was pretty embarrassed. So Friday we went swimsuit shopping. She has a hard time learning to turn her head to the side to breath while doing freestyle, she just lifts it up. But there are no longer worries that she will be unable to swim across the pool to safety.

There is a new Dick Francis book out that I have been enjoying reading. It is written in collaboration with his son but unlike other collaborations I have read there seems to be no difference between previous books.

Jeremy has been offered to go on tour this summer for a week and a half as the Osmond family goes on tour through the UK and possibly Asia. He would only do the UK part but he is pretty confident he will do it now. Because he is taking time off for that and a family vacation he is no longer planning to go along with the YM for their kayak trip but rather rely on everyone's video and photos that they take during the trip. He will go along for all the prepatory activities.

Allison and Robyn had their hair cut this week. It is Robyn's first professional cut. I found a nearby beauty college that does hair for $5 a kid. They wash it and cut it and style it all up. Allison loved having all her hair curled and fancied up - it made her look quite old. I felt bad for the girl cutting Robyn's as she kept having difficulty with such a small head and neck. Robyn sat there for 30 min and let her work on her hair, even blow-drying it with a round brush. The rest of the day though she talked about owies, brush, pull, hot while yanking on her hair. Guess she didn't like that part too much.

We had a small hiccup in our plans to go to CA in April. Meredith, our usual babysitter got accepted to present her thesis in Washington DC that same weekend. As we were planning to leave our kids, we are looking around for a suitable replacement. I don't think that it is a hard job, but it does take the right personality.

Spencer lost a tooth 2 weeks ago. He has a very cute gap in his grin. He continues to be fairly stable although now and then he'll have a bad day. He got a new shirt this week and couldn't have us look at him the first morning he wore it. So he was back to hiding under things. There was some doubt on whether he actually took his pills the night before though.

I seem to stay busy without any big news - the life of a full time mom I guess. Love to you all, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

Oh my goodness Robyn looks grown up!!! And Allison too... wow. And Jeremy is for once in a picture! Stop the presses :) I truly miss not being able to be there with everyone. I was looking forward to it so much... but I have officially decided Claire and I will be coming up SOON with or without Dan :) Hopefully with, because these past few days I also determined I really don't like being away from him. Anyway, love you all - glad you had such a good time together.

Julie said...


In the picture with you and all the kids Spencer looks almost as tall as you! It is amazing how fast they grow.