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Sunday, September 23, 2018

My Happy Place

At the end of July we drove down in two days to Dana Point for my family reunion.  We stopped over in St. George so the girls and I could see Matilda at Tuachan and Jeremy could get in a bike ride.  Every reunion we do pictures of our family.  This year everyone surprised Jeremy by arranging secretly with Allison to smuggle down Jeremy's "I choose to live" shirts for everyone.  It is probably my favorite picture of our family we have ever done even with Taylor (stayed in respite) and Spencer missing.

We stayed in a gorgeous house right on a rocky beach at Dana Point.  Every day we picked a new beach to visit.  San Clemente, Dana Point, the one in front of our house,   Newport Beach was by far everyone's favorite but any beach anywhere is my happy place.  We biked, played, swam, ate and had a great time just being together.  We even went parasailing which had been Jeremy's father's day present which was so cool to do.  We at the best ice cream bars, went boogie boarding, girls tried surfing, Jeremy did long bike rides along the coast, we battled enormous amounts of seaweed and sharp rocks and everyone got sunburned in uncomfortable place.  Family is just the best.  Nothing fills my bucket faster.