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Sunday, May 29, 2016

School is out and Dad is back

The last week of school means very little school work or for Spencer school time and lots of last activities.  Robyn had her school dance festival.  I was able to leave work for an hour and watch her whip and na-na it with the gusto.  She thought she was so cool that her class picked that song.

Robyn also had field day and a class luau party at a family's office building where they had a giant hot tub, games, Polynesian food and movies (she thought it was the best party she had ever been to!).  And she had grade up day where she meets her new teacher for next year who she is a big fan of, and once again she is in a class full of boys.  And she was introduced to the school with the new student council.  Full week for her.  Plus to celebrate the last day of school, since it was only an hour and a half long, she and her friend went to our local dollar theater and watched a movie by themselves.  Its a little tiny establishment where I know most of the workers, otherwise I would have been too freaked out.  So busy and happy week for her.

Spencer had finals for three days where school ended at 11.  And one day where they signed yearbooks for an hour or two and then he came home.  So basically school has been out for him all week long.  He is working a little more and trying to transition to summer routines.  Thursday night I went to pick up Jeremy from the airport and Spencer has been enjoying his dad time this afternoon:

We were all excited to have Jeremy back and have been bombarding him with attention.  He said he has never worked so hard and with so little sleep but he enjoyed the adventure of it.  He had one free night at the end where he got to go to dinner with his fellow photographers:

He has been trying to catch up on sleep and rest his knees and back since.  But we got to go out for dinner Friday night and catch up on the last 8 days and a bike ride on Saturday.  Saturday all but poor Spencer who had to work went to the pool.  Taylor was in heaven once the rain stopped and the sun came out.  Robyn was so excited to be swimming that she was going on the first day regardless of the weather! 

Saturday we also did our annual bonfire where we roasted corn, brats and marshmallows and burned up so much homework that we have a huge pile of ash outside.  Always a good way to end the school year.

Allison had regular school every day until Friday when she decided not to go sit in a classroom for an hour - with her teacher encouraging her to stay home!  So she had a friend come over after they slept in to make waffles and then spend the day playing around.  She tried out the 8th grade graduation dance because everyone who told her it was lame had never gone.  And she came home after an hour agreeing with the lame assessment.

Saturday the two girls and I went to Thanksgiving Point for their bulb sale.  They dig up all their bulbs from the tulip festival and dump them in crates unlabeled.  You get to just browse through and pick out what you want.  So we brought home a big bag and get to see what they are in the spring!  And then our short errand of returning one thing turned into girls wanting to look for an outfit for family pictures in August.  Shopping with girls has turned into a big new adventure!  But we all had fun.

Rest of the week was the regular routine of piano lessons, me going to work and working on homework.  Since I had two days off without kids this week for one more time I celebrated.  One day I went for a bike ride - without rain or flat tires - it was awesome.  And one day I got to go do a session at the Provo temple.  Awesome days.  Robyn even made us brownies one night.  Kids really stepped up while Jeremy was gone, making treats, voluntarily doing helpful things.  We talked last week about how we needed to be like Redwood trees that hold onto each others' roots and support each other and not like Voles who nibble the roots of trees and plants and kill them.  So its cheesy but I have been saying, "be a tree" often lately.