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Monday, January 18, 2016

Reality and Birthdays

We had one last night of my parents and before I started back to work.  During the day my parents helped me clean my house, it was awesome.  And we went to meet Robyn to eat lunch at her school.  My parents brought her a huge cookie for dessert.  Spent the afternoon playing games and pretending that school hadn't started again and then we went to Chubbys so Spencer could show off his work place and their awesome hamburgers.

Then it was back to the school schedule full time.  Girls had their auditions for Peter Pan, callbacks for Allison and costume fittings.  Many emotions around here during that time period!  Allison was thrilled to be cast as Nana and an Indian dancer.  Robyn was cast as a Lost Boy named Grubb.  She wasn't as thrilled because of the name but has come to embrace it and be excited about it.

Kids finished up the semester with finals.  Spencer brought home his ceramics projects which he was quite proud about it - especially his goblet.  My classes started up again which mean I am gone every Wednesday 4-10.  My brain is having a hard time keeping up with the pace and my bum is having a hard time sitting for that long.  It's hard getting back into learning mode.  I am most excited to start my practicum where I help teach every day at a junior high.  I think I will learn a lot.

Taylor had some sick days again where he refused to eat or drink and looked miserable.  Jasper stayed right by him.  I think it was all digestive issues as a bunch of interventions later he was doing well.  That didn't stop us from taking him to the opening BYU volleyball game as a family!  Figured he wasn't contagious and the outing would do him good.

We have been planning for Robyn's birthday party for a while and it finally happened this Saturday.  She sent out cute invitations with tickets for the Hogwarts Express.  She even had one friend RSVP via owl.  Notice the red eyes.  It was perfect timing as the owl landed on our doorstep after an hour of emotions after being cast as a boy named Grubb in Peter Pan.  (I may have made the mistake of telling her maybe its a boy who likes to eat and is always saying where's the grubb? and gets to wear a fat suit - not what you should say to a 9 year old girl).

While I ran to the grocery store for the rest of party supplies.  Jeremy took the girls for a intro to ice skating class to burn off some nervous energy.  It worked out wonderfully.

The party arrived - 14 kids, 4 hours.  We had a great time.  Spencer did Mr. Olivander's wand shop for a few minutes before he left for work.  He did the whole act of helping them find just the right wand.  Jeremy did the sorting hat, playing clips from the movie on a hidden speaker to tell them what house they were in.  We had monster books they decorated, balloons they cast spells on, Allison and her friend Evy did a potions class with proper British accents, Jeremy's friend Kat did amazing face painting and glitter tattoos, had nachos, ate a bunch of Honeydukes style candy and butter beer, and watched a Harry Potter movie.  At the end with Spencer and Jeremy and Allison all having to leave for a job we descended into a little bit of chaos but I can handle chaos as long as I know there is an end in sight!  Robyn loved it all.  Robyn and Allison have spent the afternoon doing all her birthday present crafts.  And of course there were a few pictures...