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Sunday, October 25, 2015

October - what happened?

I realized that my free time lately has been spent snoozing and I haven't updated the blog for almost the whole month!  Sleep is a high priority in our household.

October has been filled with the business of school and work.  Allison got to do a day of service at her school making mosaic tile decorations and our family got to do a ward day of service pulling out bushes and gardens.  Spencer thought it was awesome to use a truck to yank a tough bush out of the ground.  We made our annual Halloween cookies, gave some out and gobbled up the rest.

Jeremy got a new phone to replace his very, very old one and has been enjoying trying out all the new video and photo capabilities.  Good thing he has some willing subjects around.

Then we had fall break.  Jeremy stayed behind to work as he and Spencer had a man trip planned the following weekend.  I checked kids out of school early and we headed off to Denver to play with cousins.  Taylor stayed behind in respite for the long weekend.  He seems to prefer hanging out with a beanbag and cuddling rather than driving and playing. 

We had a wonderful time playing with cousins and visiting with Daniel and Mimi.  I wish we could have stayed there longer and no one was eager to come home Monday. 

We played bowling and pool:

We went to a park and saw a great production of Charlotte's Web and then went swimming:

We got to cheer at Sammy's soccer game:

And went to a pumpkin festival where the hits were milking a cow and a 3-legged race:

We even had a cousin spa that Claire set up for everyone:

It was wonderful to visit, play and catch up.  And photo evidence to the contrary, Spencer was there and had a great time...with a few teenage moment thrown in there.  One night Daniel took Spencer, Allison and me to a haunted house.  The kids thought it was awesome and were waiting to see how I would sprint away from the chainsaw guys.  I did not sprint but I did walk very fast!  The things we do for our kids!

While we were gone Jeremy worked, did a bunch of photo work and enjoyed an empty house for a few days.  We got back late Monday.  I made the kids hit the grocery store on the way home which was probably a little over the top.  And we dived back into school and work.  Spencer had a quick turn around as he left Thursday after school for his man trip with Jeremy and the guys in my family in Truckee.  They had a great time and I am sure have photos to share next week.  With them gone I was excited to have some down time to work on errands, homework, garden and house stuff.  We did manage to go up to the zoo Saturday morning for their boo at the zoo which was very fun.

Both girls had birthday parties this weekend and Allison had a babysitting job, Robyn a primary program rehearsal and Allison went to her first dance.  With them so busy I got lots of my to do list done which is always nice.  Who knew I would get so excited to have the opportunity to mow the lawn and clean bathrooms!