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This week Jeremy seemed to spend the week trying to fix things as quickly as they broke.  Which means our toilets are working, our van has new brakes, our car lost a huge stain, our couch cushions no longer smell like urine, our waterfall is unplugged (a horrible, gross job by itself), hooks are up in Robyn's room, a kitchen cupboard is glued back together and re-installed, a kitchen chair is put back together after breaking apart and the laptop Spencer uses for coding club is sort of working again.  He has been busy this week trying to stay ahead of the breakage around here.  What a guy.  It seriously seemed like he would fix something as a kid would walk in the room to break something else.

Allison picked our activity this week for Monday and decided to go fishing.  Spencer set up Allison and Robyn with rods and instruction.  Allison was a little outraged that her instruction was "Allison, watch me now do it like that".  And then she watched Spencer spend five minutes showing Robyn step by step how to fish, "put this finger here, and this hand here" etc. 

Friday Spencer and Allison packed a cooler of food and fishing gear and went back to the fishing pond for four hours.  Allison said it was fun but that it was an act of love on her part.  When Spencer's fishing rod broke he had Allison wade in to pick up the piece.  Allison was happy though that her arms were too short to reach the piece so Spencer had to wade in as well.  Its nice and a little weird to watch the two of them drive off together on an adventure.

Robyn got to use her coupon for a free kids' meal from her library reading program this week with Jeremy.

She is still buried into the Harry Potter series and talks of wizards and Azkaban to everyone.  This week she had another swim meet.  I wish that there was a way to do swim meets that didn't involve sitting around in the sun for four hours!  She was disappointed that she was a second slower on her free style but she beat her PR on breast and fly by 8 seconds each which she was quite stoked about.  It was funny to watch her do fly because there was a girl who was really fast next to her and you could see Robyn's head keep swiveling to see her competition.  She was determined that she would not be beat and it was nose to nose almost the whole way.

 Robyn had an evening where she didn't quite know what to do with herself.  She kept trying friends till she could find someone who could play.  Then they stared at each other saying now what?  So Allison showed them her list of summertime activities so they decided to make a fairy house.  The chandelier and shag rug is my favorite part.

Allison and Robyn went back pack shopping this week.  I didn't know what a hard decision that would be - multiple stores, discussing possibilities and their potential.  Somehow they have become shoppers.  Allison spent awhile picking out a planner and trying to figure out which would work best.  She is really excited for school to start again.

Spencer asked for more hours at work so now he is up to working four shifts a week.  He was gone all day Saturday and then three afternoon/evenings this week.  Makes our house feel quite different.  He went and met with the wisdom tooth doctor this week so that is all set up for December now.  And he and Allison got their eyes checked and new contacts ordered.  Spencer is now officially at my prescription level before surgery.  Genetics, what can you do about it.  Last year Spencer and I read an article about an arcade in SLC.  Saturday night with Taylor staying in respite we went up to check it out.  It was literally a hole in the wall, dive type place but I thought it was really fun.  Allison said it was a do it once type of activity.

Spencer kicked everyone's butt in Dance Dance Revolution and kids all loved California Speed, especially driving through a mall and hitting people, lamp posts and cars.  

It seems like summer goes by fast as we try to enjoy the days as a family and fit in work stuff.  This is the last week of school and work for Taylor and me and then we are off till August 17.  Taylor is doing better digestive system wise I think.  He seems to be happier.  He doesn't want to walk very much right now so we are having to push that more.

Sunday Robyn packed a picnic for us and we drove up the canyon to find a deserted spot by the river.  Jasper acted like a cat not wanting any part of his body to get wet.  The kids made it a goal to get him in the water.  He does get abused by all the loving sometimes.  Taylor was happy to be outside where it was cool and you could hear the river.  Ours kids love going up the trails in the truck and all the bumps and ditches. 

This week we got the shed finished and started the french doors.  Its hard to paint outside right now because it either has to be in the early morning or in the evening as its too hot the rest of the time.  Allison has been taking care of a friend's pets and has been biking to and from her house every morning and evening.  Often Robyn goes with her although Robyn has a hard time keeping up.  Allison pimped out her bike this week getting a little basket and a drink holder.  She feels quite cool cruising around especially when she realized her friend is only a mile and a half away so she can bike over any time.  This friend Kaori and her have been busy working off a summer bucket list.  This week they got marbles and cracked them in the oven to make them look cool.