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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rain rain go away

Once again we had rain for Taylor's BBQ party this weekend.  So we celebrated him turning 19 by hanging out inside with 11 other brave families and eating hot dogs, cake and having a great time visiting.  Taylor had two slices of cake for dinner and seemed quite happy about it.  Its one of my favorite traditions every year.

Despite rain and cold moving in for the weekend the rest of the week was full of sunshine.  We worked on shaping up our yard and planting pots and veggies.  A week ago we shipped off our shed that had broken apart in the windstorm and ordered a new one.  So this week that got all set up in our yard and is waiting for me to fill it with all the garden stuff and toys presently crammed into our garage.  I am quite excited at the prospect!

This week I got to go to Salem's fishing day for children with disabilities with my class that I work with.  I got to spend the day feeding them hot dogs and walking around a park and fishing.  Great way to spend the day.

Spencer had his two AP tests this week and is now done with all big assignments.  So he has been busy watching movies at school and catching up on books at home.  Friday night he drove Jeremy and me for our date down to Provo.  We owed him a hamburger at Tommy's for finishing Fahrenheit 451.   Jeremy is so much better at teaching kids driving.  "When you feel comfortable and its clear, switch lanes.  Stop!!  I thought you said it was clear.  No I said when it was clear you should switch lanes!"  Or when he calmly lets Spencer know that he can't jerk in and out of lane changes at 70 miles an hour.  I have finally gotten to the point that I don't stress too bad when Spencer drives us to and from Orem for his crossfit class.  He only needs four more hours of driving and then he can pick up his license. 

Robyn tried out for the AF swim team this week.  She finds out tomorrow what team she will be on and when she practices.  I am sure she made a team.  She was so excited to swim and can't wait for stroke clinic this week with the high school.  She has been busy learning a dance for her school's dance festival and is now on book 2 of Harry Potter.  Stories of wands and spells have been growing in popularity around here.

I started classes this week.  So I have been busy staying up most nights trying to get ahead in all my homework.  Classes actually started Monday but I didn't get registered for three of the classes till Wednesday and one on Thursday as I had to get some prerequisites waived.  It just means homework was due Thursday, Friday and Sunday and I got a late start.  I am hoping to get ahead soon.  My kids think its funny to go to bed and leave me working away.  I guess I should have shown more sympathy towards them during the school year.

Last week Macho came in late one night limping.  We were off to a wedding reception and the Avengers movie so we just gave him a cursury glance to check for blood.  The next morning we did a more thorough exam and saw something white sticking out of his leg.  Tried to pull it out with tweezers thinking it was a claw or tooth from a fight.  Turns out it was a bone.  Since we aren't willing to do surgery for a compound fracture we let nature work its magic for a little while along with some pain killers.  He has been learning to get around on three legs, still purrs, eats and terrorizes Jasper as needed so I feel like he is doing fine.

Allison spent the weekend working at a garage sale for her theater group to raise money for their Disney trip.  Jeremy spent Saturday afternoon helping her clean up from the garage sale after spending the morning taking the kids to the fireman pancake breakfast.  He is such a good dad to our kids.