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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break, Easter and family

The week leading up to Spring Break was filled with fixing up the yard, homework projects being finished up, our ward missionary week finishing and a few fun things to keep life happy.  I got to take Robyn and her friend Gill to their school's roller skating night.  Lots of strobe lights, junk food, Taylor Swift and kids.  They had a great time.  It was followed by the next night where we had a girl night with cousins to see Cinderella.  After that it was back to cleaning bathrooms and folding laundry and me fighting off bad allergies as we counted down to Spring Break.  Good thing I had a stash of cadbury eggs and cough drops.

My brother David's family arrived really early Friday morning and we got to play and visit with them through the weekend with General Conference and Easter.

We got to dye a few eggs:

Make some pizzas and stay up watching movies and eating popcorn.

Haefen got to stay with us while David's family went to General Conference Saturday.  Jeremy was gone from early to late helping to shoot photos at Conference, so David was Spencer's priesthood with subsequent milkshake run buddy for the evening.  And while they were doing the priesthood session the rest of us got to enjoy an indoor pool.  Have to tire everyone out for a day of sitting.

Sunday morning the kids ran to find their Easter baskets and hard boiled eggs.  We made egg sandwiches and huevos rancheros.  Then we enjoyed conference for the day with the addition of Jason's family followed by dinner and a massive Easter egg hunt in our backyard.

Monday we were able to go bouldering after saying goodbye to Spencer.  He left to spend the week with my parents in California.

Then it was good-by to cousins and hello to a week of nothing-ness.  The girls had play rehearsals every night so Jeremy and I had a night to ourselves (with Taylor as our chaperone) every single night.  Holy cow, it was awesome.  We did a lot of just hanging around, fixing up the yard, catching up with errands and house work, watching TV episodes we were way behind in, reading some books and just having a great time with no agenda.  I even got to run and bike outside in the sunshine and plan our raspberry bed - it was was wonderful.

We did fit in a few things like having my nieces Kayla and Brynn over for a few days, and going to a trampoline place and the zoo.  Robyn decided to chop her hair short as Allison told her she thought it looked better.  And Jeremy and I had an awesome Heather's choice date night - Cheesecake factory, make-up lesson at the Mac counter and shopping for shirts for Taylor.

We roasted hot dogs last night to celebrate Spencer's return and finished up Robyn's homework.  Now sadly its back to reality of work and school and classes and piano lessons and volleyball and everything else.  But I have clean bathrooms, a mowed lawn and a stash of happy place moments in my mind to call upon as needed. 

Edit by Jeremy to add some photos:

I was late getting some of these photos added to the gallery, so adding them to the end of the post.