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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall break

I am moving into this working thing slowly - first week, 2 days, second week 3 days and this week 4 days.  Hopefully by then I will have the routine down when I hit 5 days in a week!  Thursday I picked up Allison's friend Evie, dropped Taylor off at Kelly's and picked up her kids and we went off for an adventure.  Every year I try to do a fall hike.  This year we did a new one up in Spanish Fork Canyon.  You walk 2.2 miles next to the river until you reach a bunch of hot pots to play in.  It is now one of my favorite hikes.  We need to go again when we have longer to play.  And best part was that my fear of finding people bathing in the nude was unjustified although we had a game plan just in case.

The rest of the break has been filled with Robyn having a sleep over with cousins, hitting the dollar theater, having Kelly and the cousins over for pizza, s'mores and movie night, and me getting a bunch of to-do's done.  Its such a good feeling to check off my list things like a Costco run, or pulling out our garden an oil change.  Spencer and Allison even took a slug day where they literally spent the day laying around doing nothing except for Spencer introducing Allison to Hunger Games.  We also did apples - apple sauce, apple crisp, dried apples etc.  Our house smells like fall and apples right now.  We didn't do as much as usual but one day of it and I was done!  It has been pointed out that I am saying that lot about things - particularly around 7/8 p.m.  Funny, that is usually when I am looking out for something chocolate.

Today I was called to be a beehive adviser.  I am really excited about it.  I have never worked in young women's before so it will be a whole new experience.  Jeremy and Robyn each gave a talk today.  Which meant Jeremy quietly spending the morning pulling his thoughts together while Robyn provided the accompaniment of crying in the background as she tried to come up with any thought to share.  They both did great though and are relieved to be done.