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Sunday, September 7, 2014

School Routine

This was a week of canning.  I did salsa and peaches and re-learned how to can because obviously the broken jars were reminding me that I needed to!  I tried a salsa recipe that has you leave the skins on the tomatoes.  So much easier although Jeremy swears he can taste a difference.  So in a few weeks when we have more ripe tomatoes we will try it again with skins off and do a taste comparison.  Someday I would like to learn to can without creating a sticky layer everywhere in the kitchen.

That is how we spend our labor day, canning and Jeremy working.  The kids and I took a break at the free sticky shoe theater and learned first hand how it got its name.

This week we got back into the school routine.  Spencer started up guitar lessons again and the girls started Center Stage again.  Spencer has learned to just put his headphones on to block out distractions and just put his head down and plug through his homework.  He has a big increase in homework this year and that is taking up most of his time now.

I am starting to figure out school schedules and getting my routine down.  I am trying to get better at getting everything done during the day so after school I can just focus on kids more.  One day my friend Brenda and I were able to bike up the canyon to Tibble Fork Reservoir.  It was beautiful and my legs are still recovering.

Friday Jeremy and Spencer went to a camp-out with the teachers quorum.  It was by a lake with craw-dads and rope swings so Spencer was in heaven.

While they were gone we had a girls night with Taylor being our guest for the night.  With our niece Kayla and Allison's friend Evelyn we did pizza and ice skating.