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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Goin' back to Cali

We just got back from our every other year reunion at the beach with my family.  Every single person was there which hasn't happened for awhile and we got to enjoy beautiful Newport beach - doesn't get much better than that.

The week before was spent getting ready including fixing a punctured sprinkler line (we now know how to to this very muddy, messy project) and Spencer freaking his mom out and getting his learners permit and going for a spin with Jeremy.  I have turned over the whole driving thing to Jeremy, I just don't think I can handle it!

Robyn and I got to even enjoy some pool time in there with Taylor.

We drove out to California two days early so we could meet up with my brother Daniel's family at Disneyland.  Jeremy and Taylor spent a day working by the hotel pool while we played away.

We got there at 7:30 am and left at midnight.  We skipped fantasy land and cartoon land and did everything else first which was really fun.  It seemed like we skipped all the big lines that way and then tried to squeeze in some little kid rides at the end.  It was a super fun time.  Part of the reason we were so late is that Allison left her purse on Star Tours so we went through the whole lost and found business.  Some nice person had turned her purse in with all her money still intact - I love honest people.

Disneyland wore my kids out a little bit.  Spencer couldn't even leave the car when we first arrived at the beach not even to see the U.S. Open surfing championships.  What a zoo!  My girls kept commenting that they were definitely not in Utah anymore - I think all the thongs gave it away.

We hung out watching the circus at Huntington and getting food at Ruby's till we could check into the beach house.  Then we had a week of non-stop fun.  We played on the beach every day, had thoughts and prayers every night, rented paddle boards, learned how to surf thanks to a patient David and Griselda, blew some bubbles, listened to our neighbors throwing nightly parties, Allison and Lathan got fried on the poor faces the first day, ate lots of treats including walking the beach to get shakes at Ruby's and Balboa bars, and just loved being together.  Spencer had a problem at the beginning with opening his mouth when he shouldn't and lost his Touch.  He had to go 48 hours without saying anything rude.  He set an alarm on his watch.  During our paddleboarding he was convinced I made him tipped over.  He told me that although he screamed a bunch he was biting his tongue because he wanted to make sure he didn't say anything rude.  He and the girls were a little freaked out about turning around against the current and getting back to the dock as ships were trying to go by so I let that one pass.  But...I definitely will keep that consequence in mind for the future.

And now for Jeremy's amazing photos to tell the rest of the story:

Now how do we wait another two years to be able to do this again?


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