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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Valentine's day filled our house this week along with the Olympics.  Kids gasped at snow borders and ski jumpers and relished in privilege of getting to watch TV on school nights.  Girls were busy making their valentine's and Allison making a valentine box.  Robyn went into tantrums over valentine's being too mushy to give to a boy so we had to brainstorm a non-mushy valentine idea for her.

Valentine's day meant kids had their traditional waffles with strawberries and whip cream for breakfast.  Funnily enough they ALL remembered to set their alarms Friday morning.

I teach art on Fridays and kids were super hyped up for their parties so the girls came home on a Valentine's high and Taylor came home tired out from a Valentine's dance.  Spencer came home a little down that he is too old for school parties.  Luckily he has awesome grandparents and Sunday school teacher who made sure he had his hit of valentine sweetness.  Friday night we hung out at a family.  Kids have been watching studio C's lobster bisque skit.  and we decided to try lobster bisque and toasted cheese for dinner.  After my panic attack at finding out the cost of lobster tail we luckily found some pre-made lobster bisque at Costco's deli.  And now we know that Robyn really likes it and the rest of us range from impartial to grossness.  But bacon cheese sandwiches, sparkling cider and nutella cake made up the difference.  Throw in a cartoon while cuddling on the couch and all were happy and sugared out.

This week Rocky our dog continues to not do so well.  He has stopped eating pretty much and has lost control of his bowels most days.  So he is living outside while I de-pooped our house and he is getting lots of showers.  He doesn't seem to be in pain just really tired.  I am hoping that if this is it he will just not wake up one day but he might still pull through so we will see.

Spencer is really liking volleyball and was thrilled that he could block.  He spends most afternoons and evenings practicing setting and our house.  Not my favorite place for volleyball, we are working on that.

This week I got to go to a presentation for options for Taylor when he turns 22 or for the summers.  I was amazed at how many choices are out there.  Still far off in the future but its nice to know what is coming up.

Last night Jeremy and I got to go see Les Miserables.  It was an amazingly well done production and had the best male lead that I have heard before.  I laugh sometimes at the dates Jeremy goes on simply because he married me but he truly does enjoy them!

Rest of the week was blissfully normal.  Doing laundry and errands, going to parent-teacher conference, realizing after all the kids left for church activities that good parents would probably go to the court of honor (and we did just 20 minutes late and 10 minutes before it ended) and trying to sew pillows for the basement.  I seem to be in hibernation mode lately and am happy to lay on a couch with a book and something chocolate.  I tell myself that I am just storing up energy for spring and sunshine.