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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Photos lie sometimes

Yesterday I woke up with the strange realization that there was nothing I really had to do that day besides take care of our kids!  It was a beautiful fall day so I decided to play for the day.  I took Allison and Spencer up to the temple only to find that it was ward assignments right then for the baptistry.  So we regrouped and went to Kneaders for french toast, cleaned the office (seeing Spencer scrub toilets in a tie just made me smile) and then we went back to the temple.  Allison has been doing baptisms for the dead right after school once a week the last little bit when she realized that there is no one there at 2:30.  By 3:30 it can be a two hour wait.  She does not like waiting.  I am working on getting Spencer so eager to go, so I have resorted to incentives like french toast (I refuse to call it bribery).

Then after kids realized that because it was such a nice day I wouldn't allow electronics on till it got dark, they decided going for a hike was a great idea.  Now if you look at the photo of Allison and me, you would think it was all happiness and sunshine on our hike.  The hike was gorgeous.  Robyn stayed home to play with Jeremy and Taylor so it was just big kids.  However Allison decided to grump the entire way...'i don't want to be here.  I'm done, I'm not going any further, I'm only here because you made me, my ankle is twisted, I would never ever choose to hike on a Saturday"  On the other hand sometimes photos tell the truth as Spencer and his friend had a blast.  When we got almost to the 2 mile overlook of the waterfalls Allison refused to go any further.  Spencer and Brenner decided to go to the falls and be back in 5 minutes.  30 minutes later I was a little worried so I made Allison hike 5 more minutes to the overlook to find that Spencer and Brenner had gone an extra mile, literally to go touch the falls and were sitting happily on a rock over there eating a granola bar.  So Allison very unhappily sat on the overlook to await their return.  When we got home Allison finally muttered, "thanks for putting up with me today" as she got out of the car.  Spencer assured her that when he was 12 he hated hiking and was slow and grumpy the whole way (that really is understating things on his part).  So maybe it is an age thing.  But is is hard to see my beautiful always happy little girl try on these teenage grumps.

This week Allison had an unhappy dentist visit.  She had to have two teeth pulled with one of them having roots wrapped around the adult tooth that required slow and careful separation and picking.  So she almost has no molars in right now and is back in a retainer.  She is not enjoying having to mush all her food.  She thinks this is a good excuse to give up vegetables for the duration and is enjoying apple sauce, pear sauce and any other smooshy food she can think of.  Its a good excuse for ice cream though.  Thursday night Allison and her friend Evelyn came to scout Roundtable with me.  Robyn had bragged about how fun it was going with me during the summer.  After the opening exercises, Allison leaned over and asked when it got fun because so far it was pretty boring and she didn't think it could get any more boring.  Her friend Evelyn said I bet it could!  But then it turned into cub scout stuff and they got to do the skit for everyone, and the opening ceremony idea and play the demonstration game and then we snuck out to grab ice cream cones.  So she is planning on going back next month!

Jeremy has been working hard this week trying to catch up on projects.  Last night after being tied to his computer all day he took a break and we got to grab a manly dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then watch our high school girls volleyball team win the state championship.  I wish one of our kids liked sports because Jeremy sure enjoys cheering on volleyball.  It was a very impressive game.

Today Taylor is home sick.  He has been doing really well lately and is enjoying his twice a week massages.  But this week right after I showered him, he just started throwing up and looking green and pale.  Taylor being nauseous is just a pathetic site as you will ever see.  He instantly becomes this super pale stick figure with no energy or ability to hold himself up.  Hopefully he will get over this quickly.

Friday night I got to enjoy a girls night while Spencer and Jeremy enjoyed a testosterone filled night of watching Wolverine.  I on the other hand got to go see Austenland which I loved.  I had great company with me and I just laughed through the whole thing.  I am sure I enjoyed it in part so much because I have seen all the Pride and Prejudice movies and read all the knock-off books.  But it has made me smile all weekend long.  This week it seems like I have spent a lot of time sitting in front of a computer playing catch up on things.  I am amazed at how much paperwork stuff can pile up although Jeremy points out that most of it is due to my calling or school volunteer work so I choose to do most of it.  But having a mostly empty in box is a great feeling.  Now I am sure it will just fill up again.