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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Backyard or what was I thinking?

On Monday we harvested our garden of apples, grapes and picked up a box of peaches.  So this week we canned peaches, made raisins (our kids don't like to eat our grapes!  And they didn't like last year's attempt at grape juice.  So this year we tried raisins and gave away a ton of grapes.  Only problem is the seeds inside the raisins.  I think they taste good though), and did applesauce, dried apples and froze apple crisp and apple bread.  I am getting a little sick of peeling apples as their odd shape really requires hand peeling.  But we are down to only one sink of apples left to go through.  Maybe a good movie tomorrow while I peel some more...

And really that almost sums up my week right there.  Our house has a sticky film everywhere I look it seems so maybe this week we can start tackling cleaning again.  Friday night we had another addition to our garden when we found our first egg and again found one this morning.  Kids' are convinced its Penny's as she is the fattest chicken.

Kids did a taste test of store bought versus a home egg and our chickens won by a landslide.

Kids activities all started back up - piano, viola, theater, guitar and dance.  So they are all happy and busy with their different activities.  Robyn had a melt down one afternoon when she realized that since she couldn't play at a friend's house she had to ride in the car with us to take Spencer somewhere.  "I only get to play for one hour today!  That is not fair!  You are ruining my life!".  It is tough when you can't be left home alone by yourself.

Gradually I am getting caught up on some things I let slide over the summer as we get back into the school routine.  Its not so hard getting up or going to bed early and kids are realizing they need to do homework and jobs before free time. 

Jeremy got to do a photo shoot this week for his mission of a family making cookies and then got to shoot a concert Friday night.  He is trying to involve more people in his shoots because seriously how many pictures of our family can the church possibly want.

Taylor is doing OK.  Still figuring out his new meds and he doesn't think he needs to eat anymore.  But he is happy and smiling for us so life can't be too bad.

I got to start teaching art on Friday for the girls' classes.  I forgot how much I enjoy learning about the different artists and coming up with art projects.  It is just fun and it helps that kids are eager to ditch school work and mess around with an art project.  This is my last year doing it for Allison as next year she is in junior high.

Spencer is making salsa this afternoon for his young men's salsa party.  He has a colander full of jalapenos ready to go so I am sure we will have a pungent house this afternoon.