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Sunday, August 18, 2013

19 years

Thanks to a very patient and generous brother and sister-in-law Jeremy and I got to go away this weekend to celebrate our 19th anniversary.  We went to one my favorite resturants Milagros, got to see Red 2, go out for ice cream, I got my first pedicure of the year, we went and had massages together, checked into the Grand American hotel in Salt Lake and lazed by their pool, tried out two really cool restaurants,  the Copper Onion and Gourmandize (this has become my new favorite place for dessert - I will not tell you how many I ordered as I blush to think about it),

 we got to hike up to Ensign Peak,

raided Trader Joe's for goodies to eat all Sunday, went to Music and the Spoken Word, toured the Church History museum,

hiked up Memorial Park, discovered Gilgal gardens (A ridiculous sculpture garden of LDS modern art) and napped and picnicked in Liberty Park.  A full, relaxing, wonderful weekend.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  Favorite humorous moment was watching the make-up lady powder the heads of all the bald guys in the tabernacle choir.  Scariest moment was when Jeremy lost his camera bag but thankfully we found it.

So now we are back to the regular routine of getting ready for school to start next week.  I have a one pound Trader Joe's chocolate bar in my nightstand thanks to a thoughtful Jeremy so now I am set.  I think I can keep my patience through one more week of school lists and jean shopping.  Jeremy got his new work computer this weekend so he is busy in tech heaven setting things up.

Last week we packed in a few last minute summer bucket list events.  Monday we spent the day at 7 peaks and at our house with cousins.  Taylor loved hanging out in the wave pool.  I didn't realize how much he loved it till at dinner we talked about how happy he was in the pool.  Taylor got the giggles.  I don't mean a little chirping sound.  I mean full on laughing, face turning red, gasping for air.  We were afraid to run for the camera because we didn't want to miss a moment of it.  It was awesome.

Tuesday Spencer went in to see the psychiatrist and was diagnosed with ADHD.  Doesn't really change who he is and we pretty much knew he had it anyway but it did give us pause a bit.  We decided to start him on some ADHD medication and see no so much if it helps with school but if it helps him be able to follow and have a conversation with people.  Something he really struggles with.  His mind moves so fast, his mouth is just constantly going without processing too much.  So we will see how it goes.  The biggest side effect in kids is weight loss and lack of growth.  Since his other pills have the exact opposite side effect, we aren't too worried.

Tuesday night Jeremy was set apart as a missionary.  So now he can say stop, I need to do my calling as he whips out his camera.  Tuesday night was also our ward pool party where kids were nuts and swam in the cold pool while sane adult ate brownies and cheered them on.

Wednesday we tackled a nearby hike up to a rock slide by our house.  My friend Brooke and her kids came and we pushed Taylor's stroller up the mile hike there and then carried him to the waterfall.  It was definitely a huge workout.  But the rock slide was very cool and worth the difficult, hot hike to get there.  I was feeling a little sad for myself until I saw Brooke with a backpack of life jackets and water and a three year old on her shoulders hiking up next to me.  Moms do their weight lifting in different ways.

Thursday we worked on rooms.  The girls have been sharing a room all summer.  Allison told me the experiment failed as Robyn still doesn't know how to share.  But they had fun.  Moving furniture and taking apart and putting back together beds is a major work out.  We sold Spencer's bunkbed Wednesday night and put in a twin XL bed for him instead.  He says it feels so good to be able to lay straight in his bed.  With all the room arranging, I have two big bags of stuff for DI in our van and our trash can has a bunch of hidden treasures from kids rooms.  I don't mind beaten up old toys but all the crumpled up paper, half mashed candies or snotsicles just makes me cringe.