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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last week of school

The last week of school was a flurry of activities it seemed like.  Cousins came and stayed with us until Wednesday morning while their parents enjoyed a little get away.  So our kids did end of the year parties and field trips and then came home to play some more.  Monday night we all went to the movies (except for Taylor and Jeremy who had to work) and my kids were thrilled to do a late night on a school day.  We split up into girls seeing Oz and the boys seeing G.I. Joe 3.  Each group was happy.

Jeremy worked hard to get the chicken coop finished and out in our yard.  And I was busy painting and making a mess in our garage.  We were so thankful that we could put out a blanket call for help to move the coop from our garage to the garden and have a superfluous amount of men show up to help for a few minutes.  The chickens feel like they own our backyard now.

Kids had end of the year parties to attend which they loved.  Stack of school paperwork were being thrown out with abandon and bedtimes were not being very strictly enforced.  End of the year mayhem lasted all week.  Taylor had a dance festival at school where they performed YMCA.  He was the biker.
Every time I go to these dance festivals I end up all choked up.  Its worse than any Hallmark commercial.  My favorite song though was the Macarena.  A seminary missionary who has Down's syndrome had been helping the dancers.  During the song she was excited and strutted out to the middle and started performing the dance with enthusiasm.  It was awesome.

Spencer spent Friday afternoon helping me move furniture and rip out our laminate flooring.  He had a great, hard working sweaty time with a crow bar prying everything up.  We ripped up the floor because while we were going to California our amazing neighbor was going to put in a new floor.