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I sadly said good-bye to my parents Monday morning at the airport, and drove through an unplowed foot of snow street to console myself at Trader Joe's for a shopping trip.  We got dumped on with snow Tuesday and Wednesday.  We shoveled constantly.  Kids made snow forts.  I got stuck in parking lots and cancelled any unnecessary appointments.  Then Thursday and 40 degrees came and it felt like spring was here.  I also learned that I should always shovel out my gutters on the street if I don't want Lake Hall to reappear.

January was meat free till my parents came as everyone agreed my dad who lives in a predominately vegetarian household would appreciate it.  But sugar free ended for me on my birthday.  I don't think anyone else really stuck it out with me this year but it was a good reminder that desserts shouldn't be an everyday occurrence and I don't need to always bake with chocolate chips.  Only problem is that I go a bit overboard when my birthday hits!

I had a great last celebration of being young, although I have been told that you don't truly become middle-aged at 40 that its more 60 these days.  I spent the morning getting my hair done and then met Jeremy for a lunch at P.F. Changs where he arrived with flowers and chocolate.  Could my day have gotten any better?!  I post-poned any household jobs and spent any free time reading my latest young adult brainless book.  That night Jeremy brought home a cheesecake and a few friends came over to visit and eat cake.  I got to visit with some family.  It was my version of a perfect birthday.  Spencer came up to me with a big grin and played and sang Happy Birthday to me with his guitar - he had been practicing.  Allison kept finding reasons to give me chocolate as in my breakfast in bed was a chocolate kiss and a hug.  Robyn kept putting up posters proclaiming that I was 39.  So it was a really good day and I went to bed with the sugar buzz and shakes of a sugar addict.

Taylor has had a rougher week again.  His seizures get out of control and keep him out of it all day.  So he doesn't eat or drink and gets weaker.  Then he has a good day where he eats constantly and is happy.  And then its back to horrible seizures.  Not sure what is going on with him yet.

I had Taylor's IEP this week.  We are going to work on him signaling yes or no with tapping with his right hand for yes and left hand for no.  He already taps very emphatically with his right hand when he wants more food or drink or attention so I can see it being a possibility.  Because next year he turns 18 they had to read Taylor his rights that he will get when he is an adult and have him sign the form.  Pretty ridiculous but they managed to do it with a straight face.  And then strongly encouraged me to get guardianship of him next year.

Saturday night Allison was the only kid who took me up on the offer to join Jeremy and me for date night.  She enjoyed picking up her free Krispy Kreme doughnuts with her report card of A's, going to the bike store to pick out clips for me, getting nachos with Jeremy and cheering at the BYU volleyball game. Considering she had spent the afternoon playing her basketball game too, it was a full and happy day for our little angel.

Robyn had a q&u wedding this week.  The first graders dress up for the day.  There is a q bride and a u groom and they promise to always spell words together etc as they get married by the principle.  One of the parents caters weddings so she went over the top a little bit with the decor.  Robyn was in heaven.  And of course you always end with cake and blowing bubbles on the happy couple.

Allison had New Beginnings this week as she turns 12 this fall.  She was sad to look at the Young Women calendar they passed out as she realized she was missing camp, trek, and all the other adventures this summer.  It still amazes me that our little girl is going to be in young women's but boy she can hardly wait.

Spencer for young men's this week spent a few hours shoveling out driveways.  He loved it and I was so proud of his attitude as he raced out the door to be there early and shovel some extra snow.  And then I was shaking my head at the 13 year old who along with half the deacons spent the whole time shoveling without gloves on.  He couldn't feel his icicle of a hand for a long time after he finished.  Friday, Spencer had a melt down over some broken head phones.  I forgot how bad those can get.  I can either be grateful he has things under such better control now that its becoming a infrequent thing or I can cry that he still has them.  He has been learning how to play Thou Font of Every Blessing for me as I told him it was one of my favorite hymns.  Keeps me from killing him sometimes...

This weekend we had the cousins sleep over while Jason and Kelly had an overnight date. They really enjoy playing together. And since it was perfect timing we watched Groundhog Day for our movie night. I forgot how much I enjoy that movie and it was fun to talk about what we do with all the time in the world. (In case anyone else wants to watch it with kids there is one scene we skipped - not too bad but definitely not what my 6 year old needs to see).