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Sunday, December 23, 2012

God bless everyone...

I don't have a single picture this week.  Too much enjoying and living I guess.  This afternoon we made gingerbread houses and inspired by my friend Brenda we made them from scratch.  They are now held together by industrial strength frosting waiting for Robyn to swallow her salad (it has been a loooong process) so they can be decked out with candy.  The candy has been on the counter all afternoon and has mysteriously been dwindling.  While the houses set up we watched the Muppets Christmas Carol.  It is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies.  It is hard to believe that this Christmas magic ends in only a few more days.

I spent the first part of this week on crutches and sitting on my rear.  Found out that my meds go down great with chocolates.  I had one last Christmas present to finish making so I spent the week sewing with Christmas music blaring and letting everything go.  It really was wonderful.  Got rid of the crutches on Tuesday and can now stump around pretty good in my boot.  My foot looks like a foot again albeit a green and purple one and my ankle is down to cankle status.  So vast improvements.  I can even bend my fingers all the way now.  Hope everything continues to heal as fast as I am getting pretty antsy.

My kids had school all week with their last day being a minimum day on Friday.  So they had lots of Christmas parties and activities at school. Taylor has been quite chipper all week which means he gets up and walks at the most inopportune moments.  And then of course doesn't want to walk when he needs to.  It also means his bumps and bruises have increased.

Friday afternoon we had a few friends over to make sugar cookies.  Our house was awash with sprinkles and frosting droppings everywhere.  Robyn and her two friends too cookies to two neighbors who lost their spouses this year.  They stayed a long time chatting with them and came home so excited to have spread some Christmas joy.

Friday night our kids got to practice their manners as we went to a dinner reception at the Joseph Smith building for our respite worker Melissa.  Robyn's face when they served salad as the first course was priceless.  She is not a salad fan.  But also watching her face when Jeremy danced with her and later watching Allison slow dance with her dad while pretending to be embarrassed was the highlight of my night.  Even Spencer asked me to do a slow dance and introduced me to the deacon shuffle and the four-square dance.

Saturday night I introduced my kids to Hallmark movies and the joy of leftover sugar cookies.  As you can tell it has been a laid back week where we just enjoyed being together.  Spencer and Allison went to see Here comes the Boom together at the local cheap theater.  Since then Spencer has been re-enacting all the fight scenes with different kicks onto his punching bag.  We have new cracks in our house I am sure as it seems like the whole house is shaking.  Spencer has still been playing the guitar at all hours strolling around the house as he does so.  I love that he loves guitar right now but I am also ready to confiscate the guitar for my own mental health for a few days.

Allison and Robyn got into the school play for this year, Annie.  That means lots of girls belting out Its a Hard Knock Life over and over.  They are both quite excited.  Allison is auditioning for a part in her theater class play too next week.  They are doing Little Mermaid and everyone gets a part but you try out.

Oops I guess I do have photos courtesy of Jeremy's phone :)  We had a goal that we would not miss a day for 30 days in reading our scriptures and saying a prayer as a family.  We made it so Monday was the reward of going out for ice cream.  We cannot convince Spencer that bigger is not always better:

And my favorite showing that Spencer grew another 1/2 inch to be 5'10"
Merry Christmas to all.  Missing my family this week and grateful for the family that I have here.