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Thursday, October 18, 2012


After spending Monday at the dentist and taming the household chaos of laundry and dirt, Tuesday getting a root canal and Wednesday driving kids to activities and packing up, I was more than ready to leave Thursday morning.
I decided to be brave and take my first solo long driving trip with kids to see my brother Daniel and his family in their new home in Denver.  I was feeling so good that everyone was happy and helpful and that we made 9 hours still smiling and without the use of vast amounts of chocolate.  (Then my brother David and his wife Griselda make an insane 24 hour drive to meet us in Denver the next day - my feat pales in comparison!)
I only broke out my camera the first day and then just enjoyed and loved every minute of spending time with family.  We went to a pumpkin festival on Friday and after a severe 30 minute storm drove most people away we had almost free range of the festival.  I am go glad now that I looked at a shivering, wet Allison holding her hot chocolate with blue lips chattering and told her to tough it out.  Kids had a great time riding little carnival rides, ponies, face painting and lots of treats.

Then we met up with my brother Daniel home from work and my brother David's family for an evening at the pool and pizza.  Cousins were joyfully reunited, Taylor discovered a therapy pool kept at a toasty 98 degrees that he could swim in and everyone enjoyed the family time.

Saturday we got to attend my neices Samantha and Claire's join pirate birthday party and spent the day hanging out with sugar wired kids.  It was nice to put kids to bed and just have the adults visit.  While there I got to run and walk through a preserve right next to my brother's house.  One morning on an early walk with my nephew Lathan and Allison we even saw a fox.  It was a beautiful place to greet the morning.  Sunday we timed it right so we could hear my brother Daniel give a talk in sacrament meeting and went to one of the best parks I have ever seen.

Monday with very sad kids we drove back home to face reality.  My kids are already talking about how we need to do it next year.  My sister-in-law Griselda came by on her way back home to spend the night and my kids especially Allison were sad that it was only for a night.  I love my family and the influences they have on my life.  I am always grateful for the time I get to spend with them.  Although Monday night I told all the kids to go to bed and told Jeremy I just needed to sit on the couch and not have anyone talk to me for thirty minutes.  There is something about a long car drive with kids that brings out that side of me...