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Sunday, July 15, 2012

7-11 and summer

On 7-11 Day our kids were promised slurpees in then evening if everyone was still alive and happy when Jeremy and I came back from the temple.  The result being an evening spent on the lawn with happy sugared up kids laying on the grass and Jeremy breaking out the camera.  So although I didn't take a single picture this week of our summer activities we have these gorgeous summer photos instead that remind me that truly I love my kids - even when the temperatures hit 102 degrees for most of the week and I get to have a root canal - even then.

We had a heat wave the first part of this week which made the weekend rain storms feel so wonderful.  There is something about being able to sleep with a breeze blowing in through the windows that just puts a smile on my face.  Girls had their last week of swimming lessons.  Allison has been in a diving class this time around and has been enjoying learning flips and pikes and not enjoying all the belly flops that are part of the learning process.  Spencer continues with tennis lessons.  We had to go buy him shoes again this week.  Size 14.  Do you have any idea how big that is?  The nice part is that there are only a few size 14s in stores so it shortens the search quite a bit.  Shoes are one of his breaking points so it will be good for him to be forced to just get used to how a shoe feels instead of trying to find the perfect shoe every time.

I had the pleasure of going to the dentist this week for another root canal.  And truly I was really really happy to go.  I am happy to have a few days of aching versus the sharp pain of a tooth that needs to be fixed.

We met with Spencer's psyciatrist this week.  Spencer has been really sleepy lately.  And despite my sometimes appreciating it, we really don't want him to be sedated.  So the doctor explained that as your metabolism changes from a child to an adult around ages 12 or 13 that medications get almost halved.  So Spencer's medications are currently halved.  We will see how it goes as it works through his system.  Spencer not sedated means talking a mile a minute with every random thought, so we are working on that.  But he has been much more cheerful these last few days.

Partly that could be because it was a father/son campout this weekend.  Food, camping, guy time - Jeremy and Spencer had a blast.  Add in some rain storms to bring the temperature down as well.  With Taylor being an honory guest this Friday, the girls and I had our girls night out.  They picked out shrimp from Costco as the ultimate girl meal, we went to Color Me Mine to paint some knick-knacks and then out for ice cream.  I had two very happy girls that night as they had a girl sleepover in Allison's bed.  The next morning I found them asleep hugging each other.  The sisterly bickering sometimes makes me forget how much they love each other.

The summer heat was a good incentive this week to cut my hair off.  Its been 6 months so it had gotten pretty long and I had finally figured out a french braid.  But now its to just below my shoulders and I feel like the world is ten degrees cooler.
Jeremy sold his early-mid life crisis this week - the motorcycle and bought his real mid-life crisis - a convertible.  He has been saving and looking for several years now and had a hard time reconciling his budget with his likes.  But he found a reclaimed BMW down in Las Vegas that fit the bill.  The kids cleaned the office yesterday with ingratiating smiles on their faces as they tried to be good enough to ride home with Jeremy in his car.  The car has some things that need to be fixed and tweaked but Jeremy is hoping to get it looked at this week and see how bad the damage is.
Allison has been getting up three mornings a week to run 2 1/2 miles with her friend.  She is definitely the slow but steady runner as her goal is simply to run without walking.  She has her $50 for 50 miles in her sights and is working toward it.  Spencer continues to ride laps on his bike.  He has to ride 3 miles to equal 1 mile running but he is getting motivated as Chaz's cricket supply is eating into his wallet.

Robyn has become a CD addict.  She comes home from the library laden with books on CDs and then holes up in her room for hours listening to them.  She is becoming quite the little hermit at times.

Taylor's glasses arrive this week.  Last week we took him into an opthamologist so they coudl sign a form for the school that Taylor was still blind so he could receive services.  I thought it was a little ridiculous.  BUT they found out that Taylor eyes were a -11.  So even if his brain was trying to react to anything he saw, it would be able to.  So he has these black plastic head band style glasses being made for him.  I am curious to see if it will make a difference to him at all or not.

Yesterday I went with two friends to drive through the tri route and to swim the swim portion of the race.  Swimming in a lake is very different than swimming in a pool.  You can't see, waves slap you in the face etc.  I was glad to get my panic over with before the race started.  I feel much better about it now and know that although I won't be fast, I can do it.

Kids had planned another night up in the canyon with sandwiches and a bumpy truck ride but storm clouds are gathering so we will see.  The storms are such a nice change that I can't complain about a change of plans.

love, Heather