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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I was lucky enough this week to not only be married to an amazing dad but to have my own mom and dad come visit for a few days.  We spent the first few days this week getting our life back in order after our vacation.  Its always a relief to be done with a mountain of laundry and to have the daily routine back under control.  And then we spent the last few days playing!

My cousin Whitney was married on Thursday and we got to spend the evening at her ring ceremony and reception along with Robyn and Spencer at the beautiful Red Butte Gardens.  It was a gorgeous evening and we got to see family that we only really see every few years.  Friday my parents, kids and I spent the day walking around the zoo, seeing a very cool Chalk Art Festival and then out to dinner and ice cream followed by a movie.  It was a good day punctuated by the sound of whining and sibling thumping that always seems to accompany family days.

Robyn had soccer camp this week with which she has a love/hate relationship.  She inherited from me a sweaty red face that looks like a ripe tomato whenever she runs in the heat.  Speaking of running.  Coming back from a two week vacation at low altitude really, really made exercise hard this week.  I sounded like a fish gasping for air.  Allison had her last softball games this week.  I am not sure how much exercise she actually gets doing softball but she enjoys playing with her friends.  We started a $50 reward for running 50 miles this summer so Allison has been running around the neighborhood every morning.  We said it could be 150 miles biking so Spencer has been going that route.  He doesn't believe in running - hoping to change that.  He grew another inch so now he is 5'8 1/2".  He has to try to jump to touch everything now to see how much he has grown.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the pool.  Jeremy brought his go-pro camera and was busy making mini-films with the kids.  Taylor just laid back and floated, chirping away.  The girls start swim lessons this week so we will be at the pool a lot this next month.  A good place to be in the summer time.

Today we made Jeremy omelets in bed and I am full of gratitude for all the dads I have had in my life.  Yesterday my kids kept arguing that it was now their time for "dad time" at the pool.  They sure love their dad.  And I have been blessed to have a dad who taught me what it means to be a great father.

P.S.  How could I forget one of the highlights of the week.  We got to go to the dentist not once, not twice but THREE times this week.  I had to get a crown/filling replaced after breaking one in California - dang cinnamon bears.  And our kids all got to have their appointments.  The dentist is not my favorite place to be but it sure is one of my kids' favorites.  Spencer is all excited to get a new retainer and Allison is thrilled to get her first.  Picking out the color and design took some serious thought on their part.  I am not sure if Allison is excited to wear a retainer or happy that her wonky teeth are going to get fixed.


The Skeehan Family said...

That picture at the beginning is INCREDIBLE. Beautiful, beautiful lighting, I just have to say :)

And what a great weekend you had! Sounds like the wedding was just lovely - and what fun things you did with your parents and then Jeremy. And I love how our children feel about their dads (and ours, for that matter) - it is so rewarding seeing their love and affection for them. Speaking of, thank you for sharing your parents with us!!! :) We have felt like we've gotten the shaft lately, missing out on all the CA fun, so it's nice to get a little taste of the Skeehan side of the family. We sure do miss you guys.

PS... now that I am not frantically trying to get things ready for their visit, I think we can now finally talk :)