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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lucky 13

Biggest news of the week is that Spencer is now officially a teenager.  We snuck into school and decorated his locker.  Doing so made me remember my mom and sister doing the same thing for me when I was in high school.  He is quite thrilled about having 122 pieces of gum and has planned out how to make them last for the rest of the school year.  Which means he is quite scrooge like about sharing.  For his birthday dinner he picked out a menu of ribs, tator tots and cut up strawberries and bananas.  Robyn made a special trip to the store for him to get this spinning M+M dispenser that she knew he would love.  He couldn't believe she would spend a month of her money on him.  Allison gave him coupons for breakfast in bed and a packed lunch, both of which he appreciated.  We gave him some roller blades which he has been trying out.  I was grumbling a little bit that finding size 12 roller blades was quite a process.

Since he picked going to Tucanos for his birthday lunch with dad, he couldn't go on a school day.  So Saturday night he and Jeremy went out to dinner instead.  That has to be Spencer's favorite restaurant.

This was one of those weeks where the end of the week Spencer decided to prove that he really was a teenager.  Holy attitude!  But then he snaps back to normal and its like you get whiplash.  Enough to make you fall to your knees and wonder where you messed up as a parent.  The possibilities are so endless!  Saturday morning Spencer spent at BYU at the pow-wow getting two more merit badges required for his Eagle.  I really understand why they have the parents come get recognized with their kids at scouts.  In our family at least it truly is a combined effort.

My sister Christina flew in Friday afternoon.  Her painting was being shown as a finalist for the LDS art contest up in SLC and the award ceremony and reception was Friday night.  It was amazing to see how talented she is and to see all the other art that was created for this event.  Some of those who won you causes you to wonder why but then abastract, conceptual modern art is not my thing usually.  The reception was extremely crowded and un-wheelchair friendly which caused some gritting of the teeth but it was wonderful to be there.

On Saturday Christina, Allison and I enjoyed a girls night out.  We went to my new favorite Mexican restaurant, Malagros and then went to see the play 'Anne of Green Gables'.  Allison has never read the books or seen the old PBS movies.  Something we are going to rectify this week.  It was a wonderful girls night out.

Saturday everyone ditched Taylor with Melissa, our new respite worker.  Meredith, our old respite worker called to invite Robyn out to dinner and to see a ballet.  Robyn was in little girl heaven and spent two days talking about her "date" and came home floating on a cloud of happiness.  I so appreciate those people who show such love for my kids.

With yesterday being St. Patrick's day we painted out nails green and kids found a leprechaun had left them a box of Lucky Charms and some green milk.  Spencer was quite concerned that the milk had gone bad in our fridge.  We are going to wait until Monday for our corned beef and cabbage dinner as my sister is a vegetarian and we didn't think she would like eating just a dinner of boiled cabbage very much.

Taylor had a tough week.  We have been trying to change his meds around to help his seizures but it seems to be making things worse instead.  I keep debating between seeing if things stabilize or just giving up.

My week has been filled with painting.  Everything else in life had to wait.  But our dining room minus a few touch ups is now done.  This week, the living room.

I am loving it.  It just makes me happy every time I look into that room.

Jeremy is still plugging through being sick and all the meds and cough making him unable to sleep.  I really hope things improve soon, it stinks.  This week was our caucus meetings.  We went Thursday night.  I went late after kids were settled and left at 10:30 when my eyes refused to function any more.  But Jeremy stayed for the whole thing, 6:15 to 12.  Our neighborhood was quite vocal with everyone wanting to say their piece but it was neat to be a part of how the whole system worked and see a whole new side of your neighbors.

Allison's new frames came in on Wednesday so she no longer has glasses held together with super glue and tape.  Jeremy took her out to get them and then for ice cream to celebrate.  Allison sure loves her dad.   She went with him to set up things at the studio for a class one night and thought she was in heaven.  Allison had a field trip Friday to a rock show an has a big bag of rocks that she bought to add to her collection.

So life has been good and the sun has been shining all week.  Spring is definitely in the air.  Last night we had a big rain storm to clean the air and green everything up.  Kids have been breaking out their shorts and going to parks.  My favorite part is opening up windows and airing out the house and the winter time funk.

Love to all, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

Happy happy birthday Spencer! We sure love you! So glad you had such a wonderful birthday :) :)

Okay and Heather... LOVE LOVE LOVE the dining room, that is GORGEOUS, seriously gorgeous! Beautifully done.

Loved hearing about your week... the day to day makes me feel a little more part of your life. It's wonderful!