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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recent Family Photos

So I let Heather do most of the posting as we all know, but I after getting a little comment flak (yeah, I read them Mimi) about the lack of Christmas photos I figured it was time for me to throw a few photos into a post. I have taken a little bit of a photo break following the completion of my 365 daily photo project last year. It was high time for a moment to take a breather. Still, some family photos have been made, so here are a few to share.

Allison enjoying some quiet time in her room with the iPad, a hot commodity in the house

Fun with Dad's wide angle lens on the iPhone
What's good for one is good for all, right?
Heather busy at the kitchen counter, enduring my photo taking
Spencer taking Dad's photo as Dad takes Spencer's
Here are a few others from Allison's first basketball game. You can see the complete gallery here with of course many more photos.

That ought to do for now. I'll try to keep Heather more flush with family photo options to post.