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Sunday, June 5, 2011

A week of adjustments

Dear Family and Friends,

The first week of no school always seems a little rocky.  New schedule to adjust to, a reality check that even summer vacation involves some work and a big slap in the face for me when I realize how much talking and noise our kids can actually make - can you say insistent?  But everyone is starting to settle into things.  Spencer is realizing that not every story needs to be told in great depth right at that second.  And I am trying to think positively that whining moments are decreasing.

Warm weather finally hit this weekend and it is really feeling like summer.  On Monday we had a few families over for a BBQ.  Despite the dramatic start of a big grease fire in our BBQ that has reminded me to clean said BBQ, the rain went away and the clouds parted for awhile so we could sit outside.  It reminded me of how much I enjoy just sitting around eating good food, kids running wild and visiting.  Of course s'mores just added to the event.

Best news of the week is that Taylor had his first follow-up appointment for his surgery.  Hard to believe that it has been 4 weeks.  Everything is healing and looking good.  So we were able to loose the abductor pillow with a big happy dance.  Taylor just curled into the fetal position and stayed there for hours.  He has been missing kissing his knees.  So this week we have started him relearning how to bear weight, walk, move etc.  He isn't too thrilled about any of it and is practicing his passive resistance.  Yesterday he finally decided to start chugging the whole milk and will even eat a bit bites willingly now.  So I am thinking as he regains his lost 10 pounds and starts doing and moving around more he will get better.

With Taylor given the freedom to move, we are taking him all over the place.  We went and cheered on Allison's softball game.  She was the first pitcher and we got there just as she finished.  When I asked my neighbor how she did, he tactfully said she did as well as everyone else.  Meaning that in one inning she got one strike!  Their team got a bit schooled but she is enjoying learning how to play.

On Thursday since it was too cold our planned pool day we spent the day up at the Gateway in SLC.  We hit the planetarium for a movie about the Hubble Space Telescope.  The kids thought the 3-D feature was awesome.  Even Taylor was up and enjoying the whole event.

Then we ate lunch by the fountains and spent some time at the Children's museum.  That museum is really too old for Spencer but luckily he knows where they keep the paper and the book of paper airplane designs.  That always occupies him for an hour or two.

One of our neighbors killed himself on Wednesday.  It was sobering for all of us.  They were moving this weekend already.  So Allison and I were able to spend some time helping them pack and Jeremy spent time moving.  It has made me really think of how in despair a neighbor could be and I could be totally oblivious.  And most of all it has made us just feel for his kids and be so glad for Jeremy and his presence in our lives.

Lots of other odds and ends that seem to keep our days busy.  Jeremy had two family shoots this week plus a few portrait sessions so he has been keeping busy.  I benefited from one of his photo shoots that he did on trade for a massage for me.  So I indulged on Friday and was a much more patient mom after that!  Our neighbor had an ice cream party to celebrate the last day of school - for most people that was this last Friday.  Kids love eating a big bowl of ice cream and toppings and playing with all the kids on the block.  It is a great way to start the summer, even when we are having to wear sweat shirts to do so.

Ragnar is in two weeks so I have been doing hills and three a days to prepare.  They are starting to hurt less!  On Monday morning we slept in till 7 before hitting a hill.  We ran in hail and rain that didn't start till we hit the steep part.  The power of group running is that you don't want to be the one to turn around.  But seeing snow on the roof tops at the top of the hill on Memorial Day did not seem right.  My knee still bugs me a lot so I am seeing a sports/rehab doctor on Wednesday.  I am hoping he has some wonderful brace that will help.  Scout camp is also in two weeks so Spencer is getting psyched up for that.  I am just praying hard.

Love to you all, Heather

Visions of the future
Robyn and Allison were in tower building mode this week