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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family time

Dear Friends and Family,

Family left last Saturday and then reappeared in the shape of my parents Thursday night.  Wish everyone lived close but can't beat the Christmas morning feeling of having family show up on your doorstep!

Monday was a day off of school for kids.  So we spent the day cleaning up from a week of fun and organizing/cleaning out drawers and closets.  Robyn was in heaven getting down a box of Allison's old clothes to refill her drawers with and has been wearing new to her shorts ever since regardless of the temperature.  Allison had a little eye opening moment when she realized that Robyn is wearing the clothes Allison wore LAST summer.  I am waiting for Robyn to be bigger than Allison and then hand me downs will work in the opposite direction.  I am sure that will help the sisterly love in our house!

Spencer for his birthday lunch this year was initiated into Tucanos, Monday with Jeremy.  They have a birthday club where you get a free meal in your birthday month.  Spencer thought it was the best thing ever.  He had his 12 year old physical Thursday compete with the last of his shots.  I had the nurse weigh him twice because in the last 6 months he has gained 14 pounds and grown an inch and a half.  So now he is a proud 127 pounds and 5'4 1/2" (same height as his mom!).  He said it was all due to Tucanos and the unlimited supply of meat.

Spencer had a great rest of his birthday taking BYU brownies to share with his class (thanks Daniel) and attending a court of honor.  Lots of 12 year old happenings this week with the Deacons and the Bishop visiting one night to tell him about being a Deacon.  Saturday he went to a BYU pow-wow to work on his 3 citizenship badges.  Friday night he lost is a little bit when he looked at his merit badge homework and realized some of the requirements would take several hours.  So he still has a lot of hours to put in for citizenship in the community.  One lucky parent gets to go to a town meeting with him (Jeremy and I are still flipping a coin on who gets that honor).

Today Spencer was confirmed a Deacon by Jeremy.  He was sitting on the stand at the beginning of sacrament meeting, looking like a deer in the headlights.  Jeremy went up to tell him to smile a little bit and loosen up.  So when they brought him up to the stand to ask for a sustaining vote he kept looking around trying to do this little smile on his face and coming off as very nervous and excited.  It was pretty cute.  Jason's family was able to join us so Jeremy, my dad, Jason and our bishop were able to confirm him.  Still can't believe that next week he passes the sacrament.  And I am so glad he has all these good leaders surrounding him.

For his birthday we gave him the game Risk- Halo version.  My mom and I have been playing it with Spencer every night.  We are just now starting to get it.
 Allison decorated cakes for Activity Days this week.  The ponytail on top of her head is her own invention.  I have been biting my tongue about it and trying to just be glad she has the self esteem to do it.  She is still busy with her play most days as they perform in two weeks.  On Saturday evening she and Spencer had their piano recitals.  With my parents here they had a big audience to cheer for them.  Then we all went out to dinner at Costa Vida (Taylor LOVES Horchata - his first time drinking it).  Then we all grabbed milk shakes at JCW's and headed home to watch BYU win a spot in the sweet 16.  Jeremy has been enjoying having my parents here as there is even more justification to have the basketball games on whenever possible.

This Saturday was our Stake Relief Society Woman's Conference.  Jeremy and I both taught a class at it.  Him on internet safety and me on family dinner.  Think they both went well but am glad its over.  I have decided I get more nervous speaking in front of people I know than strangers, because I care more about their opinions.

Off to enjoy some down time with my folks - check out the pictures below.  love, Heather

Spencer trying to pretend he is studying his music during the recital - with his book hidden behind it, so subtle
Jeremy had a photo shoot with the little girlies last week
Jeremy tried really hard to get all 3 girls into a picture but my niece Sam was having none of that