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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let the sunshine in...

Dear Friends and Family,

We had a small amount of snow last night that blew away our yucky inversion and left blue skies and sunshine out so to melt our ice slick of a driveway.  But our family sunshine returned to us today as well.  It has been a week of whine without stop from our little sunshine Robyn.  Her eyes have either been red from crying over such important things as only having one pen while Allison has two or her voice is reaching decibels and octaves no human ear should endure.  But this afternoon her smile has reappeared so we are enjoying all the sunshine in our lives today.

Robyn woke up ready to go to school Monday with her fever, cough, and yucky stomach gone.  But Allison decided to replace her in the sick bed by spending Sunday night throwing up more than I thought her body could contain.  Hardened mom that I am and gracious dad that Jeremy is, I dropped Allison off at his work while I went to breakfast with two friends for an hour.  So she was quite content to sit with her pillow-pet, a throw up bucket just in case and his ipad with a bunch of movies.  Since she spent the day following me around wanting more food and talking away, I didn't feel too bad about abandoning her.
I spent the week painting our benches and shelves for our family room.  I always forget how long it takes but I enjoy the process.  I am all done painting, now I just need to distress, stain, and varnish.  Kids haven't complained too much about being TVless as everything is unhooked right now.  And our sugar free month continues although with great protest on Robyn's part.  Kids are all onboard and I honestly think I have the hardest time of all with it.  But it has been sort of an eye opener for everyone to see how much sugar they actually eat.  We are doing cereal that has single digit sugar grams and sugar free hot chocolate.  Cereal consumption has gone up a lot this week.  Spencer and Allison have been stashing away their candy treats from school and are planning a wild sugar orgy on my birthday, the end of our challenge. 

This week was back to school and all its activities.  Spencer was in tears one afternoon saying we should have worked into it a bit more as it was hard to go back to practicing and homework and classes.  I had to agree that all of that without the occasional chocolate treat to soothe the way was incredibly hard but we could do it.

We have been adjusting Taylor's meds some more this week and passed our lucky balance.  So seizures are back again in full force.  So we are adding back in what we took out and hope that his body reaches equilibrium again.

Jeremy has been busy with his new product Sassy nails that he is doing with some friends.  So he has been having some meetings about that.  His photo studio is getting going so he has been having set up and meetings with that.  And then he was able to go to a class this week about running a business.  Add in the regular EQ stuff plus his taking on the goal of posting a new picture a day and he is keeping quite busy.

Really my week can be summed up with I painted, I took care of kids and tried to exercise and do church stuff.  But it sure makes me appreciate how much I like these weeks where nothing super big happens and its just life as normal.  And I had a mini-celebration that for the first time ever I made rolls that were edible.  Now I just have to figure out how to make them really good.  My family is always happy to assist in that process.

Love to you all, Heather

P.S. I have been reading the new Orson Scott Card book that just came out.  If you liked Ender's Game you should check it out.