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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A week of parties

Dear Friends and Family,

This week I think we might have overdone the parties but it was fun!  Monday night Jeremy enjoyed an early birthday/Christmas present with his brother Jason by going up to a Jazz game and sitting second row behind the basket and enjoying all the other VIP benefits.  He came home happy and with a hoarse voice from screaming to cheer on the game.  The kids and I spent the evening running around plates of fudge to their church teachers and scout/activity leaders.  The kids all wrote their thank you notes and were so thrilled to do something for their teachers.  Thinking I would help foster a sense of gratitude in them for all their teachers do I asked them why their teachers did so much for them.  I was told it was because their teachers loved them and wanted to be with them.  Robyn said this with a big grin because she thinks she is just so cute that her teachers want to always be with her.  Spencer is convinced his scout leader would rather hang out with his boys than anyone else.  I am just glad that they have such amazing people in their lives who cheer them on.

Tuesday Allison had Activity days where she made a gingerbread house masterpiece - that fell apart in front of our house as she came home leading to lots of tears.  The next morning though she realized that a broken gingerbread house is one that is easier to eat and all tears were forgotten.  Spencer with a very brave scout leader cut up firewood with an ax and started his own fire.  He came home with a band-aid, a s'more covered mouth and a huge sense of pride.  His to be 12 year old scout leader came by with his form to sign up for what merit badges he wants to do at camp this June.  He is going to be gone for a whole week!  I am not sure I am ready for that - although he sure thinks he is.  He has very high expectations of what will happen in rifle shooting class.

I debated before the movie came out whether I would take Spencer to see Harry Potter 7.  Then I heard from everyone and seeing the trailers that it was not a kid movie.  Spencer was a little bummed as we have done dates to see all the others.  So Wednesday I snuck out with my friend to see it.  I felt like I was playing hookey on a school night.  It was a great movie (definitely not for kids) and then since they stopped halfway through book 7, I had to spend the rest of the week reading the book to remember all the details as to how it ended.

Thursday Jeremy enjoyed his last non-middle age birthday.  Kids and I made him an omelet for breakfast.  Robyn was quite perturbed that he wasn't getting a birthday cake but when I found out it was because she wanted a piece of birthday cake, I just substituted a cookie from our neighbors and peace reigned once again.  His birthday was also his company party so we spent the evening at that.  His work party did the same thing of giving us each money and telling us to go buy something for ourselves.  So we pooled our money together and went back to buy a Sunday afternoon nap chair for our room.  (the massage chair didn't happen).  We are anxious to give it a trial run this afternoon.

Robyn and Taylor had their last day of school Friday.  Taylor spent half the week home sick again but I think now he is finally over his never ending cold.  He has been sick since Thanksgiving!  He enjoyed all the Christmas festivities they have at his school, choirs, Santa visits, crafts etc.  Robyn had her big preschool party and told me it was the best day ever.  They had a gift exchange, got to wear PJs to school and eat red jello and do all sorts of fun Christmas things.  Then the topping to her day was coming home to a real letter from Santa Clause answering her letter that she wrote.  I am not sure what she said in her letter that she and Spencer mailed but I am sure grateful to the postal worker who helped answer it!  Spencer has been showing her how to track Santa on NORAD.

Friday I gave Jeremy his birthday present which was an overnight trip to the Armstrong mansion, a bed and breakfast up in SLC.  There was a little confusion as to whose present it was as we were staying at an old Victorian bed and breakfast and eating dinner at Zuppas.  But it was wonderful to get away, especially at this time of year.  We took a long walk around temple square and all the nearby buildings with the lights.  We haven't done that without kids since we were dating and both wished in the fountain at Temple Square that we would be married someday.

We came back Saturday afternoon to go to Allison's Christmas dance recital.  She did wonderfully and looked way too grown up.  She is becoming a true performer and kept her face and smile towards the stage the whole time.  This week she was called back at school to try out for one of the main parts for The King and I.  She was very excited and nervous about the prospect.  Having to dye her hair black for the play just added to the attraction of being a lead.  She finds out Monday how she did.

Then Saturday night Jeremy and I went to a neighbor's house for a Christmas party.  Seriously the amount of fun activities in our life seemed a little over the top this week but we just soaked in every moment.  And now we are enjoying a day of naps and hanging out.  Allison and I sang with the choir for sacrament meeting so we had to be at church super early to practice.  So of course Robyn and Taylor got to be there super early as well.  Best part of a busy week is that everyone enjoys being able to just play together and hang out.  Allison is busy teaching Robyn in school right now.  It involves lots of ruler pointing and singing the ABCs.  We are missing our snowstorm and having a wet drizzly weekend instead.

Love to you all, Heather