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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A holiday week

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a laid back fun type of Christmas for our family. Monday I spent the day helping out with a funeral for a neighbor. Sad but happy experience hearing all about her life. The neatest part I thought was that for the last 10 years since her husband died her and her sister have done a temple session and lunch every Tuesday. Hope I will be like that at 80 years old!

Monday night for FHE we attempted making our gingerbread house. We got it put together but then postponed the rest till Tuesday so we could all have better attitudes. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth and everyone was sent to bed as soon as possible. So Tuesday evening with smiles on we finished making our candy encrusted, frosting dripping masterpiece. We plan to eat it New Years Eve. Think I will just watch the kids chowing down - I saw how much tasting was going on during the process. Tuesday kids had parties at school all day. Robyn and I were at Lincoln for half the day. Getting everything and everyone else ready and out the door at 7:30 meant I was there directing activities in pig tails and sweats but all my pride went out the window a long time ago with my kids! Allison showed everyone our sucker tree for her tradition show and tell, blew up her volcano with her partners and had a sing-a-long and treats. Robyn and I cranked out waffles for Spencer's class who had a breakfast party and played games all day. No learning took place that day.

Since Lincoln got out early Tuesday I took kids and went to see the movie Princess and the Frog. Spencer tolerated it with a smirk, Allison thought it was cute and Robyn was just in heaven! She tells everyone the plot complete with sound effects whenever asked.

The rest of the week was full of lots of food and fun. I didn't do neighbor gifts this year and felt a little guilty as every night brought tons of doorbell dings and plates of treats. Christmas Eve we cooked and played. Kids checked Santa Norad Tracker all day long. We cooked ourselves in the hot tub, ate nachos, watched Christmas movies and had excited kids all day long.

Christmas Day our kids restrained themselves till 7 and then the fun commenced. Enjoyed David and Griselda's cinnamon rolls. Spencer strumming his guitar or rocking out to his shuffle. Allison sewing away on her machine making things or having her dad help her master her pogo stick. Robyn blasting CDs in her room and playing with barbies. A good Christmas for all. And the best part was talking to all of my family members at some point. Had a big dinner of ham and all the other good stuff. Realized that we are the only family I know who doesn't do a big dinner on Christmas Eve. Never really noticed that before. Cheeseball only saw the light of day for an hour before it was demolished. Christina taught Allison and I how to crochet. Watched Julie and Julia and were so stuffed that it didn't even make us want to eat all that good food they cooked.

Boxing Day was spent cleaning up the detritus of all our good times. Taylor throwing up everywhere so more cleaning and we all praised his fan that was put into his room. Tried out my yoga book on asana #1 - realized that I really need to work on my flexibility! Spencer was non-stop strumming his guitar - a constant background noise. Went girly shopping for clothes with Christina. Met up with Jeremy for Cafe Rio and to see Sherlock Holmes. Came home to left over pie and happily asleep kids.

Jeremy had no meetings this morning so it still seems pretty laidback. Took Rocky for a long walk in the cold by myself. Realized how wonderful our life is most days and am glad for family.

Love to you all, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

I made way too many comments on the picture post, so here I'll just say I wish our Christmases could have been spent closer together :) Sounds like you had a lovely time - and I'm thinking of taking Claire to see Princess and the Frog... cross your fingers - it'll be her first movie (minus when she was a newborn and I'd sneak out in the morning). It was wonderful to talk to you Christmas.

Love you.