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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A week of germs

Dear Family and Friends,

Biggest news of the week for us is that we have a new niece - Samantha Jane. We all keep oohing over her photos online. Congratulations Daniel, Mimi and Claire!

Stomach bug spread to the parents this week so Jeremy was out for two day and then I was. Hate that feeling and am crossing my fingers that no one else gets it. I have been using lysol and sanitizer with abandon right now. And then Thursday night Allison was up most of the night coughing away but seems to be doing better today except for the raspy voice. Must be that time of the year.

Spencer had his pinewood derby this week. The last one for our family. He and Jeremy spent time getting the weight just right. Jeremy took lots of pictures at the pinewood derby - there was a lot of stiff competition. My favorite car was the one that looked like a pencil. Spencer came in right at the middle of the pack after 40 something heats. But he was quite proud with what he was able to create.

Monday the kids all spent the morning at the dentist. No real cavities - yeah! Just a few bugs that some floss and mouthwash should keep in check. Spencer got his bottom retainer put back on so he is talking a bit garbled again. Allison has to go in tomorrow to get two teeth pulled so that her adult teeth can come in straight. Kids favorite part of the dentist is getting doughnuts at Krispey Kremes afterwards. I am sure it counters any flouride and brushing treatments the receive!

I had my stake auxiliary training this week so I spent a bunch of time making copies and getting everything organized for it. It is always a really good meeting.

Jeremy had an Elder's Quorum tailgate party yesterday. Allison watched isolated in the van surrounded by blankets, pillows and books and making requests for more hot dogs or brownies. It ended up being a lot of fun. Then Robyn went with me to shop for a small buffet table for our dining room. She was surprisingly good and I found one I really liked. Jeremy had taken pictures for an owner of a furniture store for some trade off the price. It was great! Should be here in a few weeks.

Thursday I was able to go with Robyn's class on a field trip to the local little kiddie pumpkin patch. It was really fun and the time just flew by. She cam home tuckered out with a little pumpkin in hand. The same day Spencer had a marathon field trip to BYU with a dinosaur show, art museum, chemistry lab show and a visit to the creamery. He was in heaven. He still talks about all the stuff the chemistry teacher blew up.

Last event of the week is that I painted Allison's dresser white. It was an old 70s veneer Jeremy rescued several years ago from a trip to DI from a friend. It still looks a bit beat up but much nicer now. I used spray paint for the first time and liked the result a lot. My finger is cramped up a little bit though. I had heard mixed results on spray paint but followed all the instructions to sand, prime, spray 5 times and then spray varnish 2 times. Did it all in one day and then it just had to dry overnight in the garage. Don't know if I will ever paint furniture by hand again. I like the look of no brush strokes.

Taylor snapped out of comatose seizure mode Wednesday and had a bunch of wide awake, happy days. Its so nice to see him enjoying life again.

Been reading some of the "I should read these books" that I kept putting off for the latest thrillers. Read Memoirs of a Geisha and The Time Travelers Wife. Thought both were really well done although both a bit gritty at points. Ever since David gave me a hard time about The English Patient, I have to put in that disclaimer.

Love to you all, Heather

Pinewood Derby