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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Days

Dear Friends and Family,

This has been a week of summer and kids. Temperatures kept climbing all week. Kelly had PRK surgery Monday and we got to have the cousins over for the day Mon, Wed and Thurs. We all had a great time but I was glad I don't have 7 kids all the time. By the end of the week I was in sort of a grumbly mood where thoughts of "I do everything around here" start to float through my head. But mowing the lawn in 100 degree temperature allowed me to mutter to myself for a while till the heat and sweat got all the mean-ness out and I was able to snap back into the reality of how much luxury and ease my life has in it! I started listing all the wonderful often chaotic things that went on this week. Like saying that I got to take a 20 minute nap today instead of saying Robyn woke me up just when it was getting good by jumping on my stomach!

But seriously it was a good week. Kids were ecstatic to have cousins over to play so much. Spencer was waking up early to do his jobs and sharing with us his fast and loud rendition of supercalifragilistic... at 7 am to get us all up. Everyone got along really well. Wednesday was a little funny in a non-funny way as Kayla threw up all over Jason's new truck as they turned into our neighborhood. So Jason was out there scrubbing and muttering away in our driveway while Allison helped give Kayla a bath and tucked her into the couch with a throw up bucket. But a two hour nap and Kayla was as good as new.

We learned that we can fit 7 kids into our car with everyone in seat belts as we drove Allison to gymnastics, Spencer to karate and took Spencer's retainer mold in to get a new retainer made. ($100!! I told Spencer that he better guard this next one with his life!) We even tackled storytime. Each kid took a younger cousin with them to their story group and they all were great.

Tuesday was our big annual trip to Lagoon with Jeremy's work. I have so many vivid almost snapshot memories of being there as a teenager. I could almost see Grandma sitting on the bench by the merry go round. Meredith took Taylor to the zoo for the day where he had a great time. I snapped tons of pictures so this will be a mommy style blog of kids having a great time getting wet, and riding rides. I sort of consider myself a wimp at amusement parks because I don't like the rides that make you sick. But it is amazing what you will do for your kids. Go down river rides that get you soaked (twice! so each big kid could have a turn with me), riding in circles in little helicopters with my lips clamped tight so I wouldn't hurl. But Spencer rode with me on wicked despite him being very scared and said as soon as he finished that it was the most awesome ride ever! Even Allison stepped up and went on the water slides for the first time by herself and tried out the old roller coaster. Jeremy went with her on the coaster and said he has never seen such a look of pure terror! We met up with Jeremy's work for a BBQ and everyone got a company shirt that Jeremy had designed. They say Echo, Foxtrot, Niner on them standing for EFN. Our kids thought they were very cool.

Friday I spent the morning getting a physical at the doctors while Meredith was here with kids. Wanted to make sure I wasn't over doing it with the iron supplements and since I was there... So I got poked to get my immunizations up to date. My arm is still sore! And they did a bunch of blood work. Turns out I am barely not anemic now so the iron must be working. But my cholesterol is way too high. How does that work?! Seriously felt betrayed by my body on that one. And since my blood pressure was way too low (70/40) he said to start eating lots of salt and drinking water to see if I can bring it up without meds. To make up for the shots I stopped for my birthday pedicure that Jeremy gave me. I couldn't quite figure out the design the lady did till Jeremy pointed out that it was a flower with a caterpillar next to it. (He actually said slug but I think caterpillar sounds cuter). And I went grocery shopping without kids - spent so much less and was out of there in half the time. So a great morning off for me.

Friday afternoon Meredith took Taylor to the pool where he floated and chirped away in the cool water. She said as soon as they got in he just perked right up! He doesn't like it when it gets super hot. He had summer school a few afternoons this week and the last day the bus didn't show up. After 30 minutes of waiting in his chair outside Taylor looked just wilted so we called it a day. (30 minutes after that the bus calls to say they broke down and were still on their way - but we were done trying for school that day). Spencer had a birthday water party to attend. So the girls and I went in for Allison's eye check-up. She hasn't been able to see the clock lately. Found out in 6 months her eyes jumped from -1.2 to -2.5. The doctor said she must take after me! I feel extremely guilty for my faulty genes. So we went to Costco and she picked out some turquoise sparkle frames for her new lenses. They have to sent your frames in to get the new lenses installed. So rather than going without for 2 weeks she is going to have a back up pair.

Friday night Jeremy had a girl's pizza and movie night here with Taylor along for the ride. He went to buy a manly style pizza with them to make up for all the estrogen. Spencer and I had our date night. We went out to dinner and to see Harry Potter 6. That movie is good but it is long! I knew it was really long when Spencer started doing yoga (literally!) in his seat. Good thing we had some tolerant people around us.

Saturday morning Jeremy had a photo thing going on. And I had a very important appointment I couldn't miss. So the kids and I prayed together, I put the phone with my number on it in their hands, turned on the TV and they promised to watch Robyn like a hawk. Spencer was quite proud to babysit and I was a nervous wreck. What was my so important appointment? Getting my hair done - I felt very selfish about it. Called home and they were fine, watching TV together, not breaking out the knives. My neighbor was on alert to come help out if they needed it. Don't know if I will do that again as I worried too much. Told the lady I wanted a chin length bob. Think she hear ear length bob as that is what I got. But I am blond again and my hair will be perfect in a month or two! Saturday night we left Robyn and Taylor to party with Meredith and the rest of us went to see West side story at an outdoor theater. Spencer and Allison loved it. We ate a picnic there, played on the playground and then watched a really well done play. The temperatures came down to 85 so it just felt nice to be outside.

Following is a ton of pictures as I brought my camera to Lagoon. Love to you all and best summer wishes, Heather

As we walked out of the park, Spencer decided to get soaked. So he drove home, wet, happy and wrapped in a towel.

Last ride of the day was the tea cups. The kids loved it and were raising their hands the whole time laughing. Made me sick just to watch!



This is one of those make you sick rides but Allison was scared to go on it by herself


Allison couldn't carry her tube. She was such a light weight she kept getting stuck at the top of the slides and the life guard would have to give her a push

Robyn as always - eating away

Us at Scera Park. We have learned through experience that kids get separated by adults int he seating arrangements.

My self portrait after my hair cut. What a schnoze! Spencer told me that he liked it better long and that I needed to put a bright red stripe in my hair next time. Said it would really look good on my face since it wasn't very thin. So nice!