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Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're back

Dear Friends and Family,

We arrived home from a week in Pismo Beach at 7 Friday night - 15 hours after leaving. Dad, I don't know if the other way home was faster but it was sure less aggravating. Kids did awesome on the way home. They were so tired they stayed asleep the first 4 hours and all caught naps later in the day. When we got out at the first rest stop Robyn was all set to get her swim suit on thinking we had arrived at the beach. When we pulled into our neighborhood Robyn just started bawling that she wanted grandpa, the beach, her sand etc. We all felt the same way. It was a great week away.

We spent most of the time at the beach just hanging out by the ocean. There was a very long staircase to climb down to the beach by our house which kept our muscles strong carrying Taylor. Lots of good times - catching fish off the pier, kayaking next to some seals, Spencer learning how to boogie board and skim board, Allison and Lathan off in their own world of make believe on the beach all day long, Robyn constantly wanting to get sandy or wet, eating lots of good food, surviving the cold and fog on the beach in the morning, me trying to get into Griselda's wet suit - lots of good times and memories.

Our kids continue on with the idea of vacation and wanting to be together. Spencer and Allison chose to go to the grocery store with me on Saturday and were pumped up at our outing. Saturday was a day of make-up gymnastics class, Jeremy trying to tame the jungle of a lawn or revive the dead spots where sprinklers had jammed up, and lots of laundry.

Saturday night Jeremy took the girls to a wedding reception of the Osmond sons and I took the boys up to Forrests reception. It was in Morgan Utah - the middle of nowhere east of Ogden on the way to Wyoming. Grandma was there, Adam's kids Susan and AJ, Bonnie and Claude and their daughter and son-in law (Debbie and Dave? I think). Gary and his family came up as well. I would not recognize Logan at all and Whitney will be a junior at Utah State this year and brought her boy friend. It was fun to see everyone. I never knew that Forrest was really into martial arts - Spencer thought it was very cool.

Ended up staying up late Saturday night to get my lesson for Sunday School together so I am dragging today. It was my last lesson. I will miss it but I have a long list of meetings and stuff to do for the stake relief society so I am glad to have it off of my plate.

Came home to tons of vegetables. Made salsa today for dinner to try to use some up. I need to figure out a way to spice up our salsa. Its good but there is no kick. I don't think my jalapenos are spicy enough.

Love to all and especially to my family for the great time we had together. Heather

Spencer had been complaining about Taylor wanting to cuddle while he slept so we took a picture to prove he did the same thing. Brought memories back of how they used to cuddle to sleep together when they shared a room as Taylor would always bounce over to lay next to Spencer. *I am really enjoying having Taylor back in his own room. He is happy to chirp down there at the crack of dawn without waking everyone else up.


The Skeehan Family said...

Seriously, the chirping was HILARIOUS... not sure if it would be at 4:00 in the morning, but it was funny during the day. Glad he had such an amazing time, it's so great being near Taylor and seeing how he experiences things and you can tell when he's enjoying himself.

And just have to reiterate, the trip was NOT long enough and am already missing you guys incredibly.