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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last Sunday alone!

Dear Family,
Fast Sunday with no husband and a sick 2 year old, I was sort of dreading it but its going better than I thought! We didn't go to church till Sunday School and I had a friend hold Robyn while I taught and then we went home - Spencer and Allison walked home after Primary. Spencer and Allison and I have spent the last two hours playing k'nex. As Allison pointed out its really great that we are able to work on something together without fighting - sadly it is a small miracle.

Allison and I sorted out all the pieces while Spencer is busy building some big roller coaster.
Jeremy has one last concert tonight in London and then spends tomorrow flying back and will be here late tomorrow night. We will all be excited to see him. He is working really hard and isn't seeing the sights as much as he wants but seems to be having a great time and is enjoying the project.

Robyn never seemed to come all the way back from her ear infection. She started this cough that just keeps getting worse. She has a fever periodically. She has gone through the irritable/grumpy stage wrecking havoc (picture a box of styraphom peanuts and a little girl strewing them through the house and then jumping on them to make it snow) and is now in the pathetic hold me and let me sip juice and cuddle stage. Really sad and hope she feels better soon. She is even passing on food right now unless its a popsicle or candy (she isn't all the way gone yet).

This last week our downstairs was primed and the ceilings painted. I worked on painting the trim in the dining room. Our house smells very paint like. Planted a few more bushes in the backyard and did all the normal stuff of laundry, mowing the lawn, going to the grocery store, piano lessons, dance class etc. That really pretty much filled our week.

Spencer and Taylor finished up school and are now officially out. To celebrate on Saturday we went up to the aquarium along with one of Spencer's friend. The kids had a great time and Robyn even perked up to touch a hissing madagascar cockroach. Spencer has been a bit frustrated with finding a friend to play with as his best friend next door is branching out more and is pretty busy socially. So I was glad Spencer called up a friend from school who is really good with him. They had a good time playing for most of the day yesterday.

Allison had a birthday party Friday that has raised her expectations for her own birthday party through the roof. She came back with a huge shopping bag full of make-up, stickers, candy etc. They went to a store where they were made up, hair done, given handwarmers and fake mics and taught a routine to dance and sing in front of the store. Allison thought it was great. She came home to make-up Robyn in bright purple and blue shades. They thought they were beautiful.

I've read the Host twice now. That combined with having lots of leftover chocolate cake has not been good for my waistline! On Thursday Meredith came over and I got to hit the gym and the temple. It was wonderful - such a simple thing, but I looked forward to it all week. Did think how lucky I was that when I drove up and found our temple closed for repairs I could just drive down to Provo and go there. Brought back memories as I haven't been there since our first years of marriage.

Kids are excited for summer and I am trying to get into the summer mode of kids being home all the time. Love to you all, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

SOOOO glad Jeremy will be home tonight! Yay for you to have your husband back. He should give you a medal... or cheesecake... or something shiny for surviving so well :)

And am loving the movie of Robyn, hope she recovers completely soon... although, glad she still can have sugar in her sad sad state :)