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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy Mother's Day Mom and all the other mom's out there. Yesterday Jeremy and I got to have a special outing in the morning and go to the temple and then out for french toast at Kneader's. They have the best french toast, covered in real syrup and strawberries and cream - and free yesterday to all mom's, even better! This morning I got breakfast in bread and opened all the presents kids made for me. I am so grateful for teachers who take the time to make all these cute things because the kids are so proud to see their efforts turn out so great. Spencer made me a notepad and pen and Allison made me a special plate she colored on. They have been asking all week when can I open their presents. Tonight we are having Jeremy's family over to honor his Mom and enjoy a Costco dinner (I don't cook on Mother's Day).

This week our house didn't seem quite like a construction zone but still seemed busy. Our kids and dog were getting cabin fever because they couldn't play in the backyard during the day as they worked on our deck. It is almost done, they just need to finish up the stair rail and the trellis. Our finish guys finished up everything they could do before cabinets were installed and a guy in our ward started working on putting up tile for us in the basement shower. Its slowly coming together. I am really excited to get our food storage room done but everyone is thrilled about the deck. Our kids keep asking if they can eat out there every night for dinner now. I'll have to set up a little table out there! It seems like all this work is getting done at once but we have talked and planned it out for so long it doesn't feel as sudden as it does to all our neighbors whose driveways who are getting blocked by construction worker trucks.

Taylor turned 12 this Friday. We found the biggest balloon I have ever seen and tied it to the back of his wheelchair for school. His class gave him some more balloons as well to tie to his wheelchair so everyone knew that it was his birthday. They eat lunch in the cafeteria with all the other kids and all of them came up to wish him a happy birthday. Between all the slaps on the back and hugs and doughnuts he brought to share with his class Taylor was chirping happily away all day. Allison and Moms and Muffin day at her school so I got to go with her to class for the first hour. We made Christina's chocolate muffins (muffins is the wrong term for those things, cupcakes is what they should be called!) to share with everyone and did a bunch of crafts together. After school we picked up Jeremy and Lauri to go to Spencer's piano recital. He did so good, got himself ready and calmly there. Said he didn't want to play through his songs one more time at home as if he thought about it too much he would mess up. He did a great job on his songs and didn't freak out when the program was changed due to missing kids and he was 2nd instead of 4th. Such a big difference than his recital last year. Robyn decided to be an all out pill of noise and energy from the get go so I snuck in to hear Spencer's song but spent the rest of the recital in the hallway. After the recital we all went out to dinner at Costa Vida - one of those fresh-mex type places we love. Spencer and Allison were thrilled to learn that nachos were on the menu and each downed a plate. Robyn would eat anything dipped in chili con queso. Taylor just kept opening his mouth for more. When we were all done, the place looked like a hurricane had swept through but our kids were happy! We decided we need to do that more often as they went on to clean the office with smiles on their faces the whole time.

Saturday night we had Taylor's annual birthday BBQ. We had 7 families come over and 3 more drop by at the end to eat a bunch of food and birthday cake. We usually do it more at the end of the month for better weather but since Jeremy leaves Tuesday we moved it up. It turned out to be wonderful weather and kids had a great time running around while adults visited. I had my camera with me but forgot to take any pictures! We had everyone bring a side dish and I found a recipe for sloppy joe mix for 50. It turned out pretty good and was easier than trying to BBQ enough for 50 people.

With the BBQ, I spent the week trying to fix up the yard. I have filled our garbage can with weeds many times now but there is still more to go. I went and got 2 more trees, a amur maple and another hawthorne which I think will be the last trees we will ever put in! A bit sad in a way. My friends have been asking me what will I do when I don't have to plant anything anymore but I am sure just weeding and keeping up will more than keep me busy. I started the shopaholic book series that Mimi told me about once, they are quite frivolous fun and have kept me reading much too late into the night.

Jeremy is busy getting the last of his camera gear together and all of the last minute honey do's that I have - getting the kayaks up on the garage ceiling, planting trees, fixing all the broken sprinklers etc. He is excited to leave Tuesday although 3 weeks is starting to hit with the reality of it. He has gone down to film the Osmond rehearsals leading up to the tour and getting everyone more comfortable with his presence.

Spencer is enjoying May Days at school. They have all their state testing but its interrupted by the 3rd grade talent show, bubble gum day, cinco de maya day where they made pinatas and so forth. Allison only has 2 weeks left at school and I swear its becoming a non-stop party in her class. Robyn wants to always be outside and is either very cute or a wiggly screeching bundle of will-power. Taylor is enjoying the warmer weather and is consistently more happy.

Hope everyone enjoys their Mother's Day. Mom, it amazes me more and more how much you did and with what a good attitude as I look back and understand more of the pressures and demands placed upon you. I will always be grateful. Love, Heather

Jeremy's Note: In my defense, Robyn wanted to swing for a long time.

What a poser

Lewis and Clark they are not, but they did have fun

A song from Spencer's recital