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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day. We definitely had kids hopped up on sugar that day. Our kids look forward every year to having waffles with strawberries and cool whip. Spencer had early morning piano before breakfast so I met him to pick him up, running down the street to meet me, anxious to get home to his waffle. Allison spent the morning at swimming which she loves. After her class the teacher lets Allison and her friend play with all the floaties and toys in the deep end for a half hour which they love. I have tried to take pictures in there but all the steam just fogs up the lenses - its like a sauna in there. I got to help Allison's class with her party and had made cookies for them all to decorate. We had a great time. Allison had dance class as well that day where they learned a dance to Elvis Presley's Hunk Hunka Burning Love. We got Spencer and Allison alarm clocks for Valentine's Day and ever since they have been up bright and early. When I heard Spencer get in the shower on his own this morning at 7 I was very glad they have been such a hit. Jeremy and I spent the night eating chocolate and watching TV together - as kids tried to wind down upstairs after all their candy - it was a great day.

For Family Home Evening Jeremy set up the game Rock Band for the kids and we all learned how to play. Spencer had been getting his jobs done at the crack of dawn since so he can play as soon as he gets home from school. Its been a fun game and isn't as hard as it seems once you get used to it. He has had 3 playdates this week teaching his friends how to play. Even Robyn will get the drumsticks and start trying to beat along. We're gong to take it back to Jeremy's work this week so it stays as a novelty reward before kids get too used to it.

Jeremy is home sick today with a cold. Good guy that he is he went on a date with me last night even while under the weather. We went out for thai food which I have never had before. It was good once you got past the preconceived notion that it should taste like Chinese. We went to see jumper and just enjoyed having a totally frivelous date - we even topped it off with the most chocolate concoction at Coldstone that I could think of. Jeremy has been spending his evening working on photos. He took some cool personality shots this week of the sales support people at his work for them to post on their walls.

Monday is my big laundry day and this week we finally realized that our dryer takes 3 hours to dry a load. We have been thinking for a while of replacing our washer and dryer and Jeremy decided it would be a good Valentine's Day present. Home Depot was having a good sale so they were a lot less than we thought we would have to spend. They don't arrive till march 7 but we're all looking forward to them.

On Friday we had Jason and Kelly's kids over for the evening for cousin pizza and movie night. They all had a good time. We're going to start doing it once a month. Bryn was not happy when waking up from a nap but was quite content to sit in Jeremy's lap as he worked on his laptop - I am sure its a familiar pose for her.

We had Taylor's IEP meeting this week. They are going to work a lot on focusing on life skills like being able to stand up straight while we pull up his pants, being able to drink out of a different cup etc. There is some concern that a separate classroom in a regular junior high will not be able to meet all his needs but I am still pulling for that option.

We were able to take Lauri shopping one day this week. Our girls thought it was great to get lots of treats while wheeling around the stores. We went to the scout store for her to buy birthday presents for Garion and Spencer so I was able to buy a new slide for Spencer. He gets his wolf this week(he has to pick up a bag of garbage still and then he is done).

Robyn is a 2 year old in every sense constantly running around in a tutu, singing songs, trying to put on make-up, spreading flour everywhere in an attempt to make cookies. She got to go with me to hang snowflakes from the ceiling in Allison's classroom after school. Allison had her hands full chasing Robyn around the room as she attempted to play 'school'.

We had one scary snowstorm here on Wednesday. It wasn't so much the amount of snow but the fierce winds that went with it. Most of the major roads closed down for the afternoon and evening, kids had to overnight at schools, and lots of people were homebound. We were lucky in that the worst of it missed our little neighborhood by a mile or so.

Tomorrow the kids are out of school and Jeremy is home. So we're going to clean the office and then I and Spencer and Allison are going to go see spiderwick. Spencer loves the story and has been talking about the movie for months now. Hope all of you have a great President's Day.


Skeeutopia said...

Your new blog look is quite nice! I searched the web to see if I could find some cool stuff. I don't know what exactly I'm looking for; I don't think there is anything worth the effort. I really like yours, though! I found that there is an "xml" language that the Blogger uses. It made my search a little more confusing. I would love to know if you could point me in a good direction. I don't like the plainness of our blogger template, either.
Either way, I love reading about your week. You guys are so good about being so social! I don't know how you fit it all in. I'm always impressed.

Jeremy Hall said...

Griselda - I have yet to take the time to figure out the new Blogger XML format, so I turned ours back to "classic" mode to work in something more familiar. That said, there are Blogger variables & such that you have to include into the html that requires working with the code.

If you search and find a template you like, see if it works if you go back to classic mode.

The Skeehan Family said...

Griselda - I'm impressed you are trying - I wouldn't even know where to begin!!! You guys are just way too technical for the Phoenix Skeehans :)... that said, the new blog looks amazing. Muy muy impressed. And can't wait to see you guys next week!!!! Cross your fingers we actually get to come this time.

Oh, and you'll have to tell us about the "overnighting at the school???"

The Skeehan Family said...

pS.... the kissing the lens shot is cracking us both up right now :)

Dave S. said...

Jeremy kissing a camera looks pretty weird if you ask me. Hmmmm....maybe he picked up mono or something from a promiscuous lens or something. I heard those things get around.
Sounds like Spencer is doing better. Always glad to hear.
CV stands for Curriculum Vitae which is basically a resume.

Dave S. said...

Jeremy kissing a camera looks pretty weird if you ask me. Hmmmm....maybe he picked up mono or something from a promiscuous lens or something. I heard those things get around.
Sounds like Spencer is doing better. Always glad to hear.
CV stands for Curriculum Vitae which is basically a resume.