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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sharing Some Media

Heather is writing the regular family update as normal, but she has been bugging reminding me that I needed to get some of the recent photos and video I have taken shared on the site. I tend to not be the best about getting my shots online, so it is good to have some reminding :)

These are in no particular order or grouping, just here for your viewing pleasure.

Spencer having some fun on the quad in the snow:

Crystal's Breakout

This video was taken the night before Crystal died. I had no idea that it would be her last (sniff). She was a restless, wandering soul that just wanted to be out of that cage. Apparently jumping off a cliff (the counter) at a good 30x her height was worth the escape.

Allison's Dance Recital

It's always a lot of fun to see the kids perform their much practiced talents. I have to remind myself how much these things mean to them and put on your best smile and shower them with compliments.

The best part after this event was watching when my mom gave Allison a rose and hug. Allison was beaming, and so was my mom.

Robyn Dancing & Allison Singing

Morning in the room of a couple of girls is generally a lot like you would expect. Ragged hair, dress ups started early, and girly music. Allison loves her little CD player, which means of course Robyn does too. You can't just dance to music though; you must get dressed up too with whatever is available.

Robyn's Favorite Song

There is no doubt that Robyn's favorite song is still the Pink Dinosaur, a.k.a. "Dino." Spencer found this song online it seems like a year ago and Robyn loves to have it played every day.

Family Ice Skating

Earlier this month we went with Jason & Kelly and my mom to the Peaks ice skating rink for some winter activity fun. Don't watch the video to see my mom doing twirls out on the ice; she had her fun watching the little girls from the safety of balcony when they tired out. Needless to say, none of us are Olympic bound, but all had a good time.